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*'''Laserbeak''' (MechTech Deluxe, 2011)
*'''Laserbeak''' (MechTech Deluxe, 2011)
[[Image:Dotm-laserbeak-toy-deluxe-1.jpg|thumb|280px|Deluxe Laserbeak.]]
[[Image:Dotm-laserbeak-toy-deluxe-1.jpg|thumb|280px|Beaky. KAAAAAAA!.]]
:Laserbeak transforms into a mini Osprey-esque VTOL aircraft. He comes with two MechTech weapons that can combine to form one big cannon. The toy of Laserbeak, it seems, is based on concept art by Wesley Burt.
:Laserbeak transforms into a mini Osprey-esque VTOL aircraft. He comes with two MechTech weapons that can combine to form one big cannon. The toy of Laserbeak, it seems, is based on concept art by Wesley Burt.

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Laserbeak is an example of reengineered Cybertronian wildlife. Laserbeak serves as a scout and spy for the Decepticon cause, recording information for his masters and hunting down human and Cybertronian targets over long distances.

"Jerry, you are my favorite."
―Laserbeak, before killing Jerry Wang[[Dark of the Moon| [src]]]


Dark of the Moon film

Voice Actor: Keith Szarabajka (English), Masao Koyama (Japanese)


Laserbeak is at Chernobyl when Alexi Voskhod brings NEST soldiers under William Lennox's command, Optimus Prime and Ratchet to show them a piece of alien technology. Laserbeak watched and ensured Voskhod remained silent as to their true intentions by silently threatening him from his perch. While Shockwave and the Driller were battling Optimus for the part, Laserbeak killed the fleeing Voskhod, who had fulfilled his pupose.


Laserbeak later showed up at Africa with Soundwave, where Megatron, Starscream and Igor were all in a secret base. He reported that the Autobots had taken the bait and had returned from the Moon with Sentinel Prime and his cargo, and was then ordered to kill all of the Decepticon's human collaborators.


During one of his attacks, lands at a house in America, he then shape-shifts into a small pink robot, vaguely resembling Bumblebee. He then used his disguise to goad his target's young daughter into letting him into their house and sits and draws with her; when her parents came in, he viscously says "Hello Mom!" Laserbeak transforms into his normal self and kills the girl's father, who questioned "What are you doing in my house?". Laserbeak responded, "Just visiting." He the hovers above a photo of all the NASA scientist aware of the secrets of the Moon landings, including Jerry Wang.


He first ordered Jerry to do some sabotage work before Sam Witwicky arrived in his office. Jerry acted extremely bizarre in front of Sam when trying to tell him about the secrets of the moon, and Laserbeak had Jerry send him away before demanding to know what he had told Sam. Jerry aimed two guns at Laserbeak proclaiming, "Someone messed with the wrong Wang today!", but he wasn't quick enough to shoot. The sadistic Decepticon killed him by swinging him out the window, sending him falling out of the skyscraper Sam was working in. Laserbeak watched Sam in his photocopier mode, and then chased Sam through the office, but he managed to escape.

Laserbeak showed up at Dylan Gould's home with Soundwave, where the only-remaining human collaborator had Soundwave capture Sam's girlfriend Carly Brooks-Spencer before forcing him to find out information about the Autobots.

In Chicago, where the Decepticons planned to activate the space bridge, Sam infiltrated Gould's penthouse demanding Carly. Laserbeak transformed out of his television mode and threw Sam out of the window, but Sam was saved by Bumblebee. Laserbeak struggled with Sam on top of Bumblebee's fighter after Carly escapes. Sam held Laserbeak's head in front of one of the fighter's guns and had Bumblebee fire, decapitating and killing Laserbeak. Dark of the Moon

Dark of the Moon game


Laserbeak assists Soundwave in infiltrating, and destroying the ex-Sector Seven island base. He gets in through a service tunnel and sneaks past the Autobot garrisons. He reprograms the harmonics of the Volcanic Stabilizers, so Soundwave can destroy them. He also lowers the security systems so Soundwave can enter the complex. He escapes the triggered eruption and meets back up with Soundwave.


  • Laserbeak (MechTech Deluxe, 2011)


Laserbeak transforms into a mini Osprey-esque VTOL aircraft. He comes with two MechTech weapons that can combine to form one big cannon. The toy of Laserbeak, it seems, is based on concept art by Wesley Burt.


Laserbeak in Dark of the Moon game

  • Unlike his counterparts from other continuities who made bird sounds and were less anthropomorphic, he speaks English. He also seems to be more based on a vulture rather than a condor.
  • Laserbeak, like Megatron from the first movie, does not fly straight and twirls and twists in flight.
  • This Laserbeak it seems can turn into multiple objects, from a printer/copier, a pink and smaller copy of "Bumblebee", a computer monitor with keyboard and mouse, and a wall-mounted television.
    • There was no logical reason for the girl to have known who Bumblebee was or what he looked like, especially considering that her father had been sworn to secrecy by the US government, was likely retired from service, and had probably never met Bumblebee.
  • This Laserbeak seems to be skilled at acting as well as disguise; when he disguises himself as the pink robot, he asks in a remarkably friendly tone of voice if the girl's father is home. When the parents walk in, he is sitting beside her on the couch while she reads to him from an open book in her lap, which suggests that he has kept up the charade for several minutes, if not longer.
  • The sounds Laserbeak makes while in his copier disguise are the notes to the theme song from The Transformers.
  • Laserbeak is the only animalistic Transformer to be capable of speech in the films.

Soundwave deploys Laserbeak