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Laserbeak is an orange flying thingamajig with three modes - a bird mode, camera mode, and laser gun mode. Yes, he is an Autobot.

  • Japanese name: Cyberhawk
  • Swedish name: Lasernäbb


Animated continuity


Laserbeak was a drone-like creation of Red Alert meant to give Rad, Carlos, and Alexis the ability to help the Autobots during battle while staying off the battlefield through spying.

Dreamwave continuity


Laserbeak was initially sent out to spy on Megatron's capture of the Air Defense Team on Earth. He fled the scene once Demolishor spotted him. Later on, he was sent to deliver a message to Scavenger and Smokescreen, informing them to take care of Megatron's launch base by any means necessary. Unfortunately, the response came twenty minutes too late. His final action was monitoring Megatron's activities on Cybertron, so that Hot Shot, Red Alert and Scavenger could follow him to deliver payback for his crippling of Smokescreen.

Transformers Legends anthology

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Laserbeak was used as a Cybertronian translator for a series of glyphs that detail a version of the Beast Wars that apparently takes place in a version of the "Unicron Trilogy" universe.

"Shattered Expectations"

Armada Laserbeak's deco was used as the color scheme for this alternate reality version of Laserbeak in the April Fool's prank preview for Shattered Glass.



  • Laserbeak (Roleplay, 2002)
Japanese ID number: MC-05
Laserbeak transforms from a Cybertronic bird to a camcorder and a "Laser gun" (really just a camcorder with a handle, but that doesn't stop legislation). Its design is highly show accurate, except for the above-mentioned gun mode, which oddly was depicted more in-fiction as a camcorder with a handle.


  • Laserbeak's original showing at ToyFair and art indicate that the colors were originally meant to be in classic black and red. It is likely that, due to Laserbeak having a "gun" mode (albeit very abstract), it was changed to orange and blue to get around toy gun laws.
  • Like Megatron Megabolt, Laserbeak can be used as an alternate head for Fortress/Brave/Grand Maximus. Pretty weird head, but it wasn't the first and it won't be the last.

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