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Laserbeak is Soundwave's surveillance drone. He is a bird-like Mini-Con. He is stored in Soundwave's chest along with 3 other pet Mini-Cons (Ravage, Frenzy and Rumble). Soundwave sends him on missions that he is usually too busy to do.


When Soundwave intercepted a message from Agent Fowler, Soundwave released Laserbeak (which was resting on his chest) to bring Fowler to the Nemesis. After chasing and shooting down Fowler's helicopter, the drone grabbed Fowler with his tentacles and returned to the Decepticon ship.

After Soundwave picked up a possible signal from Megatron, who was previously assumed dead, Starscream went to investigate. Untrusting of Starscream, Soundwave decided to keep an eye on him by sending Laserbeak after him. After finding Megatron, Starscream intended to allow Megatron to perish but was forced to reconsider when he discovered Soundwave's Minicon watching him.

While proving a point to Airachnid, Soundwave unleashed Laserbeak, who zoomed around the Nemesis bridge and shot her a couple of times before reuniting with his master.

Laserbeak was dispatched to keep the Jackhammer busy while Soundwave went after an Iacon relic. Wheeljack managed to shoot the drone down, and Ratchet hit on the plan of uploading a virus into the disabled Laserbeak to allow the Autobots to gain the Iacon database. He and Raf managed to do so, planting an additional grenade as a decoy. When Soundwave retrieved Laserbeak and returned to the Nemesis, the Decepticons found the grenade but not the virus, which passed into the ship's computer and began downloading the database. 

Once the Decepticons obtained information pointing to Jasper, Nevada as the home of the Autobots' human friends, Laserbeak was put to work searching the area. This bore fruit when he located Smokescreen, who happened to be the last of the Iacon relics. He kept Smokescreen busy until Soundwave arrived to capture the Autobot.

Laserbeak was dispatched to monitor the battle after the Decepticons tracked Jack Darby's location. He was caught in the explosion when Arcee and Jack blew up a gas station to take out the two pursuing Vehicons, and Soundwave was unable to salvage any surveillance data from him.

During a battle in Texas, Laserbeak detached from Soundwave and was able to successfully short-out Optimus Prime's shiny new jetpack, causing the Autobot leader to crash in an undignified heap.

At the raid to secure the second part for the Omega Lock 2.0, Laserbeak was disconnected from Soundwave and as such was not shot down. He returned to the warship to inform the Decepticons of what happened. Shockwave later had him follow Agent Fowler to the Autobot Base. Here, Laserbeak reconnected with Soundwave and restored him to full functionality, losing his transponder in the process.

Along with Soundwave, he was sent to Shadowzone in the final battle.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise

Season 2

In Portals, Soundwave and Laserbeak spent an unspecified amount of time in the Shadowzone, wandering aimlessly on Earth. After Fixit caused a GroundBridge accident, Soundwave flew through the rift, deploying Laserbeak to overwhelm the Autobots while he threw Bumblebee into the Shadowzone. After Strongarm and Grimlock got their second wind, Soundwave dispatched Laserbeak once again, herding them into a portal and sending them out of the scrapyard so Soundwave could concentrate on building a beacon to contact Megatron.

Ultimately, the two Autobots were able to pin down the Mini-Con and bludgeon him into unconsciousness. While Bumblebee and Denny Clay overpowered Soundwave and forced him back into another Shadowzone portal, Grimlock and Strongarm returned with a still-unconscious Laserbeak, throwing both of them into the dimension from whence they had came.

Season 3

When Soundwave escaped the Shadowzone using Decepticon Hunters brought to him by the Activator Mini-Cons Stuntwing, Trickout, and Goldgear, Laserbeak-who had been reformatted into an Activator Mini-Con as well-was deployed to attack Sideswipe when his master discovered the Autobot while he was hiding. As Soundwave went to activate a beacon generator that could irradiate Earth in an effort to contact Megatron, Laserbeak was deployed again to fight Optimus Prime. Just as he was about to finish the Prime, Hi-Test, an Activator Mini-Con who had failed Soundwave, knocked Laserbeak aside before he linked up with Optimus to upgrade him. With the additional power provided, Optimus successfully knocked Laserbeak out of the sky. The Mini-Con was then taken back to Cybertron on Prime Force One alongside his master.

Transformers: Rescue Bots Academy




  • Laserbeak was not named in the TV series until Triage.
  • Despite carrying the name Laserbeak, this incarnation resembles another of Soundwave's mini-cons, Rat-Bat.
  • Laserbeak is one of two bird-like characters in the original series, with the other being Darksteel's Predacon mode. However, more appeared in Robots in Disguise.
  • The power of Laserbeak's electric shocks seems adjustable - he took down Optimus Prime with it yet couldn't shock Smokescreen enough to keep him still.
  • Laserbeak is the only Mini-con in Prime.
  • His tentacles were only shown in Darkness Rising, Part 3.

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