A laser core is a vital component of Transformer anatomy. If a Transformer's laser core is extinguished, the Transformer will cease functioning.


Generation One cartoon continuity

Megatron sent Laserbeak to spy on the Autobot base to determine whether Optimus Prime's laser core was extinguished after he was badly damaged in a Decepticon attack. Divide and Conquer

After the Autobots regained their ability to transform, Megatron ordered the Constructicon to combine into Devastator, and then ordered Devastator to extinguish the Autobots' laser cores forever. The Autobot Run

Laser core and Spark

It's been heavily debated what role the laser core and the spark play within a Transformer. Some fans have speculated that the laser core may be some sort of housing unit for the spark. Others have speculated that it may be a separate entity. Mechatron's on-package bio says he possesses an upgraded spark capture device which can rip the laser core out of any Transformer, seemingly confirming that the laser core is a housing unit. Additionally, Primal Prime's bio makes reference to the character's laser core housing his personality.

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