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The Laser Rods are a cross-factional subgroup from the Generation 2 portion of the Generation One continuity family.

The Laser Rods are a quartet of warriors armed with flaming, energized, glowing swords. Though two of them are Autobots and the other two are Decepticons, on the whole they tend to be destructive, rampaging, turbo-revving punks who spend their time tearing up streets, redlining their engines, and chopping down telephone poles, plus are very rare as toys, especially electro, who's made of very fragile gold plastic.

The Laser Rods consist of:




Generation 2 comics

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Generation 2

  • Electro (1994)
  • Jolt (1994)
  • Sizzle (1994)
  • Volt (1994)
The Laser Rods were among the later new molds included in the Generation 2 toyline, sold individually carded. They transform into classic hot rods. They feature clear plastic swords and a small light that can peg into the bottom of the fist holding the sword, to give the illusion that it is a "laser sword". In vehicle mode, the light serves to illuminate a transparent engine block.
Their packaging advertised them as "Super Posable!"; they are among the first fully-poseable Transformers. In this they prefigured the soon-to-be-born Beast Wars line, though they lack the ball joints that gave most Beast Wars figures their articulation. The Laser Rods are built with an elastic-and-hook waist design similar to 1980s G.I. Joes that unfortunately rendered them rather floppy from the waist down when in robot mode. (This style of articulation was never repeated.)
Related toys from the same year using the same basic gimmick were the Laser Cycles and Laser Optimus Prime.