The Laser Cycles were among the new molds released toward the end of the Generation 2 toy line. Like the Laser Rods, they feature clear plastic weaponry which illuminates using small LEDs. They differ from the Laser Rods, which are styled after classic vehicles while the Laser Cycles (unsurprisingly) transform into modern motorcycles. Like most of the later G2 figures, they possess a high degree of articulation for their time.

Only Two Laser Cycles were produced, one Autobot and one Decepticon:

A second wave was planned, featuring redecoes of the first as Jazz and Soundwave. These were never mass-produced, as Generation 2 was discontinued before they would have been released.

The Laser Cycle molds have been rereleased several times since 2000, as part of Robots in Disguise and Robot Masters and have even seen use outside of Transformers. In 2001, their handlebars were remolded slightly and they were released by Takara in their Microman line. This was rather unusual, as in other cases it has been Microman molds that get reused for Transformers.

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