Las Vegas is an ostensibly real human city in Nevada.


Generation One

Dreamwave Comics Continuity

The Keepers Trilogy
Starscream staged a hostile takeover of Las Vegas, signing a lucrative (and exclusive) deal with media mogul Darren Norbert to commoditize worldwide interest in a city where humans live side-by-side with Transformers as the backdrop for the reality-television series Real Life—Transformers Style.

Setting up court in the MGM Grand casino, Starscream initiated Project Renewal, designed to turn Vegas into some sort of lurid sideshow paradise more of a lurid sideshow paradise, where the slots pay out more money than they take in (paid for by outside investors,) adventure is in the air, every man a winner, every cop a hero, and anyone can be a star.

He officially rechristened the city New Vegas, though the locals privately refer to it as Dirty Vegas, while loving every minute of it.

Starscream's reign came to an end when the all-powerful Keepers returned with Megatron. Though he resisted Megatron's attempts to re-take the Decepticon forces (appointing Skywarp his second in command after Soundwave left) he was less successful at resisting the Keepers.

New Vegas's era came to an end when the joint Autobot/Decepticon invasion to unseat Starscream reduced much of the casino district to smoking rubble, and the President of the United States attempted to nuke the city. Keepers Trilogy

The engine of commerce that drove New Vegas was publicly said to be its high-profile media coverage, but the real incentive for outside investors was the Decepticon technology Starscream was offering. Long after New Vegas had fallen, it lingered.

  • Palms Grayson Hotel - Fictional hotel where the decepticon sympatizer Buckingham laid a trap for LVPD officer Ryan O'Brien.
  • MGM Grand - Casino Starscream used for his base of operations.
  • Mirage - Casino where one of the patrons was goaded into going on a rampage for the cameras.

Unicron Trilogy

Panini Armada comic

In 1957 while excavating to construct a new casino, construction crews unearthed a fragment of the Mini-Con ship Exodus containing the Land Military Mini-Con Team. It was transferred to Area 54 under care of the E.R.T.D..

Movie continuity

Transformers: The Junior Novel

The final battle takes place in Las Vegas, instead of Mission City like it does in the film. For information about the battle, see the Mission City article.

Transformers: Autobots/Decepticons

The Las Vegas Casino Strip serves as the first region in both games (in the Decepticon's version, the first and last).

Transformers: Autobots

Casino Strip has two missions only. Bummer.

In The New Arrival, Create-A-Bot arrives on Earth, and is guided by Ironhide. First, he reaches an objective point, then defeats three Decepticon drones, then learns how to shoot, then kills a Decepticon chopper, then scans a vehicle, then drives to an objective point. *breathing hard*

In Put to th Test, Create-A-Bot must destroy three Decepticons, then has to kill off an evil clone. The end.

Transformers: Decepticons

Casino Strip has one more mission than the above game. Bummer.

In The Rookie, Create-A-Bot arrives on Earth, and is guided by Barricade. He must reach the objectives, then kill Autobot drones, then learn to shoot, then kill an Autobot chopper, then scan a vehicle, and finally, drive to an objective point.

In Hazing, Create-A-Bot must cause damage, then destroy four Autobot drones, then kill off a good clone. Sucker.

Finally, in Final Showdown (which is obviously the Final Showdown between two Decepticons), Megatron must kill off Starscream. The end. Go home now.

Seriously, there's nothing left. Go home.

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