Larry LaRue is an old acquaintance and antique-collecting rival of Denny Clay known for his shady methods and obsession with rare collectibles.


Larry first appeared in "Collect 'Em All," where he claimed to be filming a reality television series in an effort to get inside the Scrapyard and get ahold of some of Denny's collectibles. Denny refused to let him in the scrapyard, but later on Russell allowed him entrance in the hopes that it might drum up more business for the scrapyard. However, it soon became evident that Larry was only interested in obtaining new items, and his presence risked Team Bumblebee's exposure. Grimlock was forced to disguise himself as a truck, and Fixit inadvertently filmed himself using Larry's camera. Fortunately, the team sneaked in the scrapyard as they returned just as Larry had finished collecting some valuable items, and he was persuaded by Denny to turn over his footage in exchange for being allowed to leave with them. He agreed, bought the items and left with his collectables.


Larry seems to display kleptomaniac tendencies, not unlike the Decepticon Corvicon Filch he is good at lying, cheating, or trespassing to get what he wants, and even threatened to share his footage to lure in other collectors-of course, he was unaware that his camera had filmed Fixit.


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