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Larry DiTillio is an American writer. He and Bob Forward were the story editors of the Beast Wars television series.


Beast Wars cartoon
Transformers Animated cartoon

Participation in the Fandom

Early in Beast Wars' run, Mr. DiTillio (along with co-editor Bob Forward) began posting regularly to, answering questions about the show and offering teaser bits of information about upcoming episodes. The pair would also post episode scripts after shows had aired, allowing the fandom further insight into the show's creative process.

Mr. DiTillio and Mr. Forward forged notable relationships with the fandom at large and several individuals within it, culminating in Ben Yee's name actually appearing in the credits of "The Agenda" as a consultant. Mr. DiTillio further credited the fandom as influencing the show's strong ties to the original Generation One continuity.[1]

This unofficial relationship was not without its troubles, however. Of particular note was the debacle surrounding the script of the unproduced episode "Dark Glass", which resulted in Mainframe declaring a permanent moratorium on the release of episode scripts.[2]

Both writers would appear as official guests at several BotCons.


DiTillio has a long history of collaborating with J. Michael Straczynski. In the Straczynski-written Real Ghostbusters episode "Ragnarok and Roll", a character named "DiTillio" was the hunchbacked companion of a man who sought to destroy the world with a magic flute.


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