This article is about the Energon-series Autobot. For the Timelines-series Decepticon, see Landquake (Timelines).

Landquake is almost the dictionary definition of the phrase "gentle giant". Relatively uninterested in combat (unlike his brother, Landmine), Landquake prefers to use his massive strength and endurance to help the Omnicons dig for Energon. However, if the Decepticons bring the fight to him, Landquake is more than willing to teach them a lesson. He may be emotional and sensitive, but he knows how to handle unruly opponents.


Dreamwave comics continuity

Any clues where this noggin came from?

When Alpha Quintesson sent hordes of Terrorcon drones to ravage Earth, Landquake was part of the team sent to Los Angeles, California to tackle the Insecticon clone army there, under the command of Jetfire. He mainly used his armored vehicle mode to run down swarms of the creatures on the ground. The others in his squad were Bulkhead, Cliffjumper, Perceptor, and Tow-Line.

Note: Landquake's head changes back and forth across his appearances. He is first seen in issue #27, with a new head design not based on the toy. However, on the next page, his head is that of the toy. The next time he is shown in robot mode, issue #29, he has the "new" head again.

Energon Cartoon continuity

Landquake himself did not appear in the Energon cartoon. However, his coloration was used to represent the "Energon" upgrade of Landmine, even though the Landquake toy was not released in Japan.



  • Landquake (Ultra, 2004)
A redeco of the Energon Landmine toy in white, brown, and blue, Landquake transforms into a half-track tow-truck type vehicle. The cab portion of the vehicle mode is the main robot, while the back end can either form an artillery platform or combine with Landquake in his "brute mode", giving him massive claws and a heavy artillery backpack.
The artillery pack/station features a spring-loaded missile launcher, a working retractable winch-hook, and electronic sound effects.


  • Starter Set (2007)
Attacktix ID number TF2-22
Faction: Autobot
Class: Specialist
Special: Jam - 13/26 (50%) success ratio
Point Cost: 30
Base Speed: 10
Attack Type: Prodder (Punch)
Available only in the second Transformers Attacktix four-piece Starter Set (along with Generation One's Optimus Prime and Megatron plus Cybertron Skywarp), Landquake is a redeco of the Attacktix Landmine piece. As a redeco of Landmine he possesses the same excellent defense and four point articulation. There is a slight sculpt difference with Landmine; his thrust-attack arm is assembled upside-down. The attack still works fine and it helps to make Landquake different visually.
His special power is jaAm "Jam" which does not allow the opponent to use any shooters for the remainder of the turn. His power normally has a 50% success rate, but due to its wording it's possible to neutralize his power simply by attacking him using your last attack to topple him.


  • Landquake sports the same "mountain" logo as Cybertron Brushguard.

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