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Landmine is a fighter. He lives by a soldier's code and thrives on honor and loyalty to his comrades and commanders. Unlike his brother Landquake, he thoroughly enjoys the life of a warrior. Landmine's rough around the edges and a little old-fashioned, but he's got a warm heart under that gruff exterior. Since he's so old, he bruises easily, but after some mechanical tinkering from Red Alert or Coby, he's always back up on his feet, anxious to re-enter the battle swingin'.

In his millennia of existence, he has trained a number of warriors, including Mudflap and Optimus Prime.

Hungarian Cybertron name: Gránátfej ("Grenade-head"), Taposó ("Stomper", intro only)
Japanese Galaxy Force name: Guardshell
Hungarian Energon name: Taposóakna
Russian name: Фугас (Fougasse, "Landmine")


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Cartoon continuity


Voice actor: Ward Perry (U.S.), Kenta Miyake (Japan)

When Rodimus left Cybertron eons ago, Landmine was one of the Transformers who chose to go with him. Serving as a traffic guard until the war escalated, Landmine boarded Rodimus' vessel along with his co-worker and partner, Prowl, a patrol officer. Landmine would become Rodimus' right-hand soldier and his personal bodyguard.

Landmine returned to Cybertron during the Powerlinx Battles to assist Rodimus in reviving Unicron and the Planet Q system. Although Landmine served his commander without question, he was sometimes unsure of their ultimate agenda. Landmine joined Team Optimus when Rodimus surrendered his leadership to Prime.


Voice actor: Paul Dobson (U.S.), Tomoyuki Shimura (Japan)

It's clobberin' time!

Ten years later Cybertron was once again under threat, this time by a powerful black hole that defied Cybertronian science. Landmine was now under the direct command of Optimus Prime as they prepared to evacuate to Earth. After the time-travelling Vector Prime arrived bringing hope to their homeworld's darkest hour, Starscream attacked the Autobots as a distraction while Megatron manipulated the naive Vector Prime. While Starscream managed to beat several Autobots, Landmine easily counter-attacked the Decepticon subcommander until he backed him into a wall. Unfortunately, gravitation instability momentarily distracted Landmine, giving Starscream the opportunity to blast him into the path of the black hole. Fortunately, Vector Prime had sensed Landmine's peril and opened a warp gate. Landmine travelled through it and crashlanded on Earth, to be found by the human children Lori, Coby and Bud Hansen. Fallen

Awakening, he quickly befriended the children, in particular the mechanically-gifted Coby who performed minor repairs to the aging Autobot. However, Landmine and his new friends had to keep ahead of the curious adults who arrived to investigate the apparent meteorite crash and the 'Bigfoot'-like footprints Autobot had left in his wake. Trouble arrived in the form of Thundercracker, who set fire to the forest with complete disregard for human collateral damage in an attempt to destroy Landmine. Bravely, the damaged Landmine leapt to the defense of the children until Optimus Prime arrived to defeat the Decepticon and extinguish the blaze. Inferno

Landmine ultimately got the chance to get back at Starscream when he tapped into Gigantion's Cyber Planet Key and grew to a gigantic size. With this power, he was able to finally defeat Starscream before returning to his normal stature. Optimus

After the closing of the Unicron Singularity and the death of Galvatron, Landmine and the reformed Mudflap left Earth to meet up with Wing Saber in deep space, who had discovered that Starscream apparently hadn't perished on Gigantion as originally thought. Beginning

Dreamwave Comics continuity



  • Landmine (Ultra, 2004)
    • Japanese ID number: SC-15
    • Accessories: Missile
Energon Landmine toy

These hands are made fer hurtin'.

Landmine transforms into an orange, blue, and grey Cybertronic half-track battlefield recovery vehicle. The front of the vehicle features a large plow while the rear has a rotating crane with a working winch, accompanied by a spring-loaded missile launcher. The front half of the vehicle can separate from the tracked portion as a smaller truck cab. The tracked portion can then be reconfigured into a mini battle station that Landmine's robot mode can man.
In robot mode Landmine has no weapons, but his standard 5mm fists can hold any Energon weapons or other weapons sporting a compatible peg system. In the dead center of his chest is his spark crystal, over which an Energon star can be attached. As a red Powerlinx Autobot, Landmine cannot combine with any other Autobot except for the 'trailer' rear half of his vehicle, forming his Brute Mode. The tracks with their flip-out digger claws mount on his arms while the remaining portion forms a weapons backpack. Connecting the backpack to Landmine will depress a button which activates the classic Generation One transformation sound effect.
The Japanese Superlink release removed the electronics from his brute mode backpack and uses a different shade of blue plastic.
The mold was later redecoed as Landquake.


  • Landmine (Deluxe, 2005)
    • Japanese ID number: GC-09
    • Accessories: Launcher, missile, Earth-type Cyber Key
Cybertron Landmine toy

Cyber Key activates BLADES OF FURY.

Cybertron Landmine transforms into a yellow wheeled front loader, with a rear mounted pile driver. His bucket shovel can be raised up and down, while his gimmick is unusual in that the Cyber Planet Key slot is in his rear wheels. To configure him into attack mode, one flips the rear wheels up (there are smaller wheels to support the rear end of the vehicle to compensate) and inserts the Cyber Key into the slots and twists, deploying blades down the center of each tire.
In robot mode, Landmine has a relatively high level of articulation, typical of the Cybertron toyline. He is armed with his spring-loaded pile driver rifle, which can fire the driver projectile. His Cyber Key gimmick can still be activated in robot mode, with the rear mounting of the vehicle having the articulation to flip up to a position just behind his head. A thumb dial turns spins the wheels (and thus creating the illusion of powered circular saws).
Landmine comes with a silver-bordered Earth Cyber Key, with the code dr94 printed on the back. Entering this code into's Cybertron website reveals a screen capture from an episode of the Cybertron television series of Coby (mislabeled Bud) and Landmine as well as a short paragraph about how Landmine is one of the oldest Autobots, and that he taught Optimus Prime how to fight.
This mold was redecoed to make BotCon 2006 Dawn of Future's Past Rhinox, and Grindcore.


Energon Attacktix Landmine

When you got a condition, it's bad to ferget yer pills.

  • Landmine (Booster, 2006)
    • Attacktix ID number: TF12
    • Faction: Autobot
    • Class: Warrior
    • Special: Shootback - 12/26 (46%) success ratio
    • Point Cost: 30
    • Base Speed: 10
    • Attack Type: Prodder (Punch)
The Landmine Attacktix figure represents the character's Energon Brute mode, and is subsequently one of the bulkier Transformers Attacktix figures. He has four points of articulation (head, shoulders and waist), though his head articulation is difficult to access because of his crane.
Landmine's special power allows an immediate free attack for up to three in-play Mini-Con figures. This makes him especially effective when teamed with hordes of well-placed Mini-Cons.



  • It is highly likely that the Cybertron Landmine toy had pegs on the backs of the legs at some point in development. A pair of unused holes are still present directly above the folded legs in vehicle mode, on the underside of the rear wheel assembly.
  • Optimus Prime had claimed that Landmine had taught him everything he knows about combat in the Cybertron franchise. Talk about teacher's pet.

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