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The name or term Landmine refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Landmine (disambiguation).

Landmine is an Autobot from the live-action movie continuity family.

Landmine was brought to life by the All Spark during the Autobots' final battle with Megatron in Mission City. Though Landmine finds time to log in training sessions with his mentor, Ironhide, he prefers to act as an undercover agent with the humans of Sector Seven.[1] He is a tough Autobot, and determined.


Transformers film[]

S7 buggy 52 smush

Robert Epps and William Lennox commandeered Sector Seven assault buggy #52 for their trip to Mission City. When they left the buggy, it was taken over by an unknown Sector Seven driver. Buggy #52 seems to have survived Starscream's initial attack, but was damaged while fighting Brawl, and the driver injured. Lennox ordered his men to evac the injured driver as Jazz bought the retreating humans time against Megatron. Transformers (film)

Note: Through unknown circumstances (but probably Sam's fault) Buggy #52 was exposed to All Spark energy.

IDW comics continuity[]

Four months before the events of Mission City, Sector Seven recovered the Decepticon Wreckage and reactivated him. Though at first the Decepticon was hostile, Agent Salazar was able to come to an agreement with the being and exchange information. One of the fruits of these exchanges was the development of Sector Seven's L.M.-1 series of drones. Alliance #1 Alliance #2

In response to the threat of Starscream at the Hoover Dam, Sector 7 operative Agent Salazar unveiled one of the covert organization's latest projects, the L.M.-1. At first apparently just an armored buggy, Starscream's curiosity was piqued when the vehicle began to transform and reveal limbs. Unfortunately the display was less than impressive as the process halted in mechanical failure. The Reign of Starscream #2

Sector Seven retrieved Landmine and took him back to a covert Nevada base, where they also held Longarm and Salvage. The Reign of Starscream #3

While awaiting for the Autobots to arrive to begin escorting the Decepticon remains, Professor Vine and Seymour Simmons reminisced about how Salazar's dealings with Wreckage and the creation of the L.M.-1s. As the group prepared to dump the Decepticon remains, Vine wondered if L.M.-1's mechanical failure had anything to do with Wreckage's earlier rampage and forced shut-down. Before long, the Decepticon was brought back online by the one remaining fragment of the AllSpark. However, the shard also seemed to bring three L.M.-1 units online, who came to the defense of the humans. Wreckage promptly slagged them. Alliance #2

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Rise of the Dark Spark (3DS)[]

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Transformers (2007)[]

  • Landmine (Scout, 2008)
    • Japanese ID number: MA-19
    • Accessories: Auto-grenade launcher, AllSpark cube (Japanese release only)

He likes to hunt himself down and freeze himself.

As part of the "AllSpark Power" portion of the movie line, Landmine transforms into a Sector Seven assault buggy of the type seen in the movie. As Landmine's fiction places him as a hidden agent within Sector 7's motor pool, he has several S7 markings over his chassis. The rear of the vehicle sports an identification number of G2G-534. He features spring-loaded shock absorbers on all of his vehicle-mode wheels, plus a roof-mounted cannon on an articulated arm.
Landmine features two Automorph gimmicks. The first is a spring-loaded front end, retracting his front wheels into his chest during transformation. The second is a sliding panel on each of his shins that retracts when the tail light/knee caps are moved into place.

Jeeper Creepers, where'd you get those peepers?

In robot mode, his grenade launcher can be back-mounted to make an over-shoulder cannon, or held in his hand. He also has wheels on the soles of his feet, which let him roll in robot mode... in theory, at least, since his heel-wheels rub against his legs, keeping them from spinning freely.
Like all Japanese "AllSpark Power" toys, the Takara version of Landmine comes with a small Allspark cube accessory that's not included with the Hasbro version. Landmine himself has a slightly different base plastic color and rubber tires.


S7 buggy 52

Cameos aren't much of a resume, but it's a living.

  • Landmine's vehicle form is directly based on a specific Sector Seven assault buggy seen in the movie. This makes him the only newly created mold from the movie toyline for a character who's not part of the movie cast that is a faithful recreation of the vehicle the toy is based on, without any major artistic liberties taken to circumvent licensing fees, such as Longarm, Arcee, Incinerator or Stockade.


  1. Sector Seven was disbanded at the end of Transformers, so who knows when these adventures take place.