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This article is about the American Pretender. For his Japanese counterpart from Masterforce, see Lander.

Landmine is an Autobot Pretender in the Generation 1 continuity family.
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Paul McCartney wants to ban this Autobot.

Landmine luvvy-luvs him some adventure. He's always willing to leap into dangerous situations and unknown dangers with sword or blaster in-hand. He's brash and hot-headed, but unlike some other brash hotheads, he's very concerned about making sure he gets his job done right the first time around, so he doesn't brook mistakes.

French-Canadian name: Sapeur


Marvel comics continuity

Landmine funny face

By the Primus! I just found out my shell was missing!

A member of Fortress Maximus's crew aboard the Steelhaven, Landmine volunteered for the synthoplasmic conversion process Optimus Prime had stolen from Scorponok, transforming him into an Autobot Pretender. With Optimus Prime coordinating the Pretenders' first battle with the Decepticons, Landmine and his teammates easily overwhelmed the opposing force. Pretender to the Throne!

Landmine was with Fort Max when the Steelhaven faction first met Grimlock's group of Autobots, and Fort Max introduced Landmine to Grimlock as Pretender Group Leader. Totaled!

After a large number of Autobot troops were critically damaged battling Starscream, Optimus Prime sent Landmine and Cloudburst to buy medical supplies. They were to go to Grand Central Space Station and purchase 500 million microchips, necessary components for rebuilding their fallen comrades. The two Pretenders were chosen for the mission due to their outer human shells, as robots weren't welcome at Grand Central.


You just watch yourself. I have the death sentence on me in twelve systems!

Canvassing the area at the Black Hole Bar and Grill, Landmine got them involved in a bar fight trying to defend a Chromite from some angry robophobic patrons. They were beaten, however, and the Chromite was tossed out the airlock. After Cloudburst smoothed things over with the bartender, J'oh, they left to find a reliable source of microchips. They supposedly found this through two brokers (the disguised Throttle and Hi-Test). The deal seemed sound, but a human named Berko mentioned how his Autobot friend Sky Lynx suddenly went missing after trying to deal with those the two brokers.

With the idea of saving a potentially endangered fellow Autobot in mind, Landmine insisted on bypassing the middlemen and meeting the sellers directly. Cloudburst was extremely reluctant, but not to worry — Landmine had a plan. Remote-guiding their two outer shells into the meeting, they met with the hungry Mecannibals. The disguised Autobots arranged to pay for 500 million microchips. However, they also learned that the Mecannibals were about to eat Sky Lynx. Landmine's inner robot burst in at that moment, assaulting the Mecannibals and freeing Sky Lynx. He then set off a flash of light to hide the moment when his robot mode entered his shell to hide.


Low blow!

Having successfully acquired their goods and freed a fellow Autobot in the process, Landmine and Cloudburst were sitting pretty. The only remaining glitch was how the hiding Sky Lynx would be able to return to Grand Central to retrieve his friend Berko without being caught. Fortunately, Landmine had a plan. A much less successful plan. He grabbed Berko by the collar and tossed him into an alleyway so that he and Cloudburst could reveal themselves as Autobots in privacy. It wasn't total privacy, though — the Mecannibals' brokers saw this revelation, and managed to deliver the two Autobots to their bosses. Guess Who the Mecannibals are Having for Dinner?

Things weren't looking too well for them until Cloudburst managed to negotiate their release from the Mecannibals, in exchange for hunting down some rare crystals on the planet Femax. They found their entrance to the mountain kingdom being blocked by a solid steel door. Landmine had a plan, and -- despite the nervous tic Cloudburst was starting to get every time he heard those words -- they easily bypassed the door by having Landmine tunnel through the mountain itself using the astro-blasting power of his vehicle mode.

After Landmine and Cloudburst proved to the Femaxians their good intentions, skill in battle, and most importantly their ability to forgive and forget a certain beheading (don't ask), they finally got ahold of the crystals they needed and returned to the Mecannibals' ship. In the end, however, their consciences got the best of them and they did not leave with the microchips as per the deal. Instead, the Pretenders insisted the Mecannibals rebuild the robots they had "recycled" into the microchips and raw materials they were selling. Their Autobot comrades simply wouldn't have wanted to be revived at the cost of others. Recipe for Disaster!


Darkness imprisoning me! All that I see! Absolute horror!

Sometime later, Landmine was the first Autobot to be deactivated battling Thunderwing and his newly-found power while possessing the Matrix. For a Transformer, that's like being literally struck down by the Hand of God, so it probably hurt A LOT. All Fall Down

Dreamwave comics continuity

According to the More Than Meets The Eye profiles, Landmine is Autobot Pretender leader. He and Scattershot must swap management policies.

IDW Generation 1 comics

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Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details for Spotlight: Hardhead follow.

Landmine, Cloudburst, Groundbreaker, and Waverider were sent to investigate the Benzuli Expanse, but discovered that any probes or drones entering the area immediately ceased to function. After reporting this to Jetfire, he volunteered them for the Pretender process as a means of safely entering the expanse. Spotlight: Hardhead


Generation 1

  • Landmine (Pretender, 1988)
G1Landmine toy

Obesity, anorexia, and awkwardness all rolled into one.

Landmine's outer Pretender shell resembles a human in a yellow and gray armoured space suit, armed with a gray sword and a gray blaster rifle. The shell's helmet and front-half of the belt are also removable, used to help "lock" the shell-halves together. This shell has very limited articulation, located in his shoulders.

Landmine's inner robot has good articulation for the period he was released in, owing to his relatively simple transformation and design. The robot transforms into a predominantly gray Cybertronic mining vehicle. The gray rifle can be stored on the top of this mode.

This mold --in the exact same colors-- was used for the Masterforce Pretender Lander.




  • Landmine/Lander's animation model shows up in the Armada cartoon as a "generic", unnamed Cybertron. He is seen carrying a "clipboard" of some kind and reacting to the Mini-Con beacon. He's also the only one in that shot seen clearly, the other three (Streetwise, Wide Load and Sixknight) all being seen only from the back and largely obscured. First Encounter

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