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The name or term Landmine refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Landmine (disambiguation).

The Autobots investigate their first clue to the Omega Lock, and Landmine reveals that there's more to him than meets the eye.

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Detailed synopsis

On Velocitron, Crumplezone and Ransack are driving along, minding their own business, when Megatron accosts them, slaps them around, and tells them, "You work for me, now." Cowed, they agree.

Meanwhile, on Earth, Landmine is feeling useless, as he's still recovering from his injuries at the hands of Starscream (As seen in "Fallen") - Optimus reassures him he'll be back at 100% soon, and the kids come by to cheer him up.

Optimus meets with the rest of the Autobots to decide on a plan of action. They agree that more info on the Atlantis Pattern and the Omega Lock is needed. Vector Prime says he'll analyze the Pattern, while the rest go forth to gather intel. Lori and Bud go too, with Jetfire and Jolt, respectively.

Meanwhile, Hot Shot is goofing off at a local race track before Optimus finds and reprimands him for recklessness when constant discretion is needed at all times - Hot Shot swears it won't happen again (Can Optimus Prime believe what Hot Shot promises though?).

Back at the base, Coby is giving Landmine a checkup. He tells him he's not completely healed yet, but Landmine is eager to help look for info. Coby agrees to go out with him, so long as he picks an Earth disguise first. They head out to a construction site, where Landmine chooses and tries on a front loader.

Meanwhile, Bud has been surfing the net from within Jolt, and has located a copy of the Atlantis Pattern at a museum in Mexico. Jolt passes the news to Optimus, who orders the whole team to the museum. Starscream and Thundercracker spot them en route, and follow.

At the museum, the guard is fast asleep. The Autobots are about to enter, when the two Decepticons show up. Thundercracker shows off his new Cyber Key, blasting Jetfire. The two nemeses take off to duel in the skies. The Recon Mini-Con Team take the kids aside to safety, as Optimus confronts Starscream. Vector Prime heads inside to check out the Pattern, protected by Hot Shot and Scattorshot.

Prime and 'Scream exchange some bon mots, then Landmine charges in, determined to get a piece of the Decepticon for pay-back reasons. Prime orders him to stand back (and join Hot Shot and Scattershot), as he's not ready for combat. Landmine hesitates, and Starscream takes the opportunity to shoot at him. Optimus shields Landmine, and is injured. Landmine fights with Starscream briefly, but the Decepticon knocks him down, and flies toward the museum to take out Vector Prime. Scattorshot (With his Cyber Key Power) and Hot Shot hold him off.

One of Thundercracker's shots goes wide, and heads toward the kids and Mini-Cons. Landmine leaps to defend them and invokes his Cyber Key-powered ability, Cyber Tempest, to detonate the incoming fire, proving that he's ready for action again.

At this point, Vector Prime emerges and declares that the object inside is not the Omega Lock, but rather an imitation. With Red Alert and Overhaul just arriving to reinforce the Autobots, Starscream calls for a retreat.

Back at base, Landmine and Coby share a moment. Then Vector Prime informs the Autobots that, while the object at the base was an imitation, it did contain a star map giving the location of the Speed Planet, Velocitron, where one of the Cyber Planet Keys is located. Optimus dispatches Hot Shot and Red Alert to Velocitron, with orders to be discreet and make no contact with the locals. Vector Prime's dimension gate and the power of Optimus's Matrix see them on their way.

Arriving on Velocitron, Hot Shot is agog over the endless speedways . . . and aghast when he's passed by Override, who seems to be even faster than him.


Written by:  ???
Original airdate: September 2005???

Featured Characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Humans
  • Generic sports cars (14, 15)
  • Museum guard


Crumplezone: Hey, there's some big guy parked up on the road! So, you think he's friendly?
Ransack: Ah . . . (Megatron fires on them) No, not friendly! Make tracks buddy! (They scarper) What's with him?
Crumplezone: I don't know, maybe he's related to that cute scooter you dumped. You should have been nicer to her.

"Autobots, it's time for us to plan!"

Optimus Prime knows that his team can't function unless he tells them exactly what they are doing.

Bud: Jolt! Jetfire and Lori just burned us - can't you fly any faster?
Jolt: If you wanted to fly fast, you picked the wrong Mini-Con.

Coby: (Refers to Landmine's Robot Mode) You can't go out looking like that! It's time for you to pick a disguise. Ah, how about that? (Points to a small bucket loader)
Landmine: I don't know. Nah, I can't see myself looking like that, kid. It just ain't me.
Coby: Okay, looks like you're a picky shopper. How about something in a shovel like that? (Points to a front loader)
Landmine: Hmm.
Coby: I'd say that's your color.
Landmine: Mmm-hmm. I like it. It's powerful, it's sturdy, y'know? Yeah, it's just my style!
Coby: Go try it on.
(Landmine scans front loader)
(Transform Sequence: Landmine - Robot to Vehicle)
Landmine: Landmine, TRANSFORM!!
Coby: Whoa, I dig your new look!
Landmine: "Dig"! Ha-ha, hey, that's a joke, right? I get it! Huh, that's a good one, kid!

Landmine now has a new wardrobe, and that wardrobe and his Cyber Key are of the same planet: Earth.

Thundercracker: Man, wha'cha reckon this Omega Lock thing looks like? Where exactly are we headed? Got a picture of it?
Starscream: Oh, quit whining and keep searching.
Thundercracker: Aww, "whinin'"?! I'm thinkin'! Out loud! (Starscream accelerates away) Hey, I was talkin' to you!

—If they call 'im Thundercracker, he should be cracklin' like a cracker and roarin' like thunder, not whinin' like a cry-baby!

Jolt: So, Atlantis is in Mexico?
Bud: Can't say that for sure, but I do love tacos!

(Megatron has recruited the Velocitronian miscreants to work for him)
Crumplezone: I don't wanna work!
Ransack: Ah, it's an offer we can't refuse, Crumplezone.
Crumplezone: But this guy is mean! He kinda scares the oil out of me.
Ransack: Eh, go with the flow.

Thundercracker: (Blasts Jetfire) I got you like a bad habit!
Jetfire: I hate this guy.

Coby: No, Landmine! We both know you're not fully recovered yet! Don't fight Starscream!
Starscream (snidely): Ahh, "Oh please, don't fight Starscream"!
Landmine: Grr!

Hot Shot: Got it. Keepin' it on the down-low. The D.L.
Red Alert: Oh, be still, my beating heart. A secret mission with Hot Shot? I'm dizzy...

Hot Shot + Red Alert OTP! Oh, and by the way, Red Alert, it's "beating Spark" you should have said...

Red Alert: (gasps as Override passes him and Hot Shot) That's the fastest thing I've ever seen!
Hot Shot: Faster than me! I thought I was the fastest in the universe. Talk about a let down....


Pain count

  • "Cyber Key Power!": 4
  • "Super Mode!": 1

Animation and/or technical glitches

  • When Thundercracker says, "I just love parties, don't you, Starscream?" his mouth is not moving.
  • When the Autobots are first shown in the control room, Overhaul's doors are closed, when they need to be open for is his arms to be out.

Continuity errors

  • None known.


  • The generic sports car Autobots are once again based on Blurr.
  • Landmine takes an Earth altmode in this episode. However, he pretty clearly had a lot of kibble from this altmode before he acquired it (as the animators didn't have the budget to design a pre-Earth body).
  • Also, when he scans a front loader to reconfigure his body, the real front loader apparently disappears. Kinda harsh for the real owners, nu?
  • When Starscream and Thundercracker arrive at the museum, they both announce their own names for no apparent reason ("Thundercracker!" "Starscream!"). Optimus then repeats their names (in reverse order), in case anyone missed 'em.
  • Thundercracker is the first of many characters to be able to summon a Cyber Key untrained, despite the strong implication in "Hidden" that in order to summon a Key, Vector Prime has to show you how. From this point on, almost anyone can do it.
    • On that note, he is the first Decepticon to summon a Cyber Key - Starscream is the second Decepticon after that, summoning his own a few minutes after.
  • Landmine's transformation to robot mode is awfully balletic for a rough, tough, front loader.
  • In the beginning, Ransack and Crumplezone are running a car that looks similar to Armada Blurr off the road. This scene is cut from the dub.
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