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An Autobot Pretender under the command of Metalhawk, Lander has easily adapted to the human lifestyle and greatly enjoys it. He collects wine, goes on dates with humans, and wears glasses just for the hell of it. What a guy!

In vehicle mode, he can travel over water and land with ease. In robot mode, his right hand retracts to release knockout gas. Hmm.

You'd better be careful, ladies.

English-Malay dub name: Landmine
Italian name: Folgore ("Thunderbolt")
Russian dub name: Фугас (Fougasse, "Landmine")


Masterforce cartoon

Voice actor: Ryoichi Tanaka (Japanese)
Lander vehicle

This looks cool, but it's not.

After the Decepticon Pretenders were sealed away, the Autobot Pretenders went their separate ways to integrate themselves into the world of Man. Lander eventually relocated himself to New York, where he enjoyed cosplaying as a human and indulging in his job as an automotive dealer.

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Masterforce manga

Zone OAV

Lander was seen among other high-ranking Autobots (such as Landcross, Road Caesar, Grand Maximus, and the Autobot Godmasters) when Dai Atlas was sworn in by Victory Saber as the new Supreme Commander of the Autobot forces.



G1Landmine toy

Obesity, anorexia, and awkwardness all rolled into one.

  • Lander (Pretender, 1988)
    • Japanese ID number: C-200
    • Accessories: 2-part Pretender shell, helmet, belt, sword, rifle
Available only as a mail-away exclusive in Japan, Lander is physically identical to the Hasbro Pretender Landmine, transforming into a predominantly gray Cybertronic mining vehicle. The gray rifle can be stored on the top of this mode.
Lander's outer Pretender shell resembles a human in a yellow and gray armoured space suit (but lacks the glasses of the animation model, pooh), armed with a gray sword and a gray blaster rifle. The shell's helmet and front half of the belt, used to help "lock" the shell-halves together, are also removable.




  • Lander's animation model shows up in the Armada cartoon as a "generic", unnamed Autobot. He is seen carrying a "clipboard" of some kind and reacting to the Mini-Con beacon. He's also the only one in that shot seen clearly, the other three (Streetwise, Wide Load and Sixknight) all being seen only from the back and largely obscured. First Encounter Later, a differently colored version appears as a field commander chafing under withdrawal orders. Drift

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