Landcross is an Autobot combiner in the Victory and Micromaster Collection portions of the Generation One continuity family.

Landcross is the combined form of all three Multiforce warriors, making him the combined form of all six Multiforce warriors.


"By the power of Disco!"

Landcross is composed of:


Victory cartoon

Voice actor: Masashi Hironaka (Japan)

When the Decepticons attempted to steal an energy plant, the Multiforce arrived to repel them. Wishing to prove themselves capable warriors, they elected not to contact Star Saber, and instead combined into Landcross to combat Dinoking.

Things were looking grim when, thanks to an SOS sent by Jean Minakaze, Star Saber and the Brainmasters arrived. Landcross and Star Saber jointly fought off Dinoking, and Star Saber admonished Landcross not to be so reckless. Unite!! Multiforce

Later, with an injury sustained by Blacker leaving the Brainmasters unable to form Road Caesar, Battle Up of Wrath!! the Multiforce journeyed to Antarctica to counter a Decepticon attack on an UN scientific survey. They formed Landcross and fought Liokaiser alongside Galaxy Shuttle, but were no mach for Liokaiser. Fortunately, Star Saber was able to arrive in time to turn the tide. Fight to the Death!! Antarctic Battle

Later when Star Saber and Blacker were injured, Landcross sent to stop the Leozack, Hellbat and the Dinoforce from stealing energy. However they proved no mach for Dinoking and were almost defeated. But before he could finish him. Victory Leo (God Ginrai's reborn form) came to same them and stoped all the Decepticon's by himself {storylink|Fight!! Victory Leo}}

Landcross was later beaten up by Dinoking in America, but was saved by Victory Leo. Fight!! Victory Leo When Deathsaurus launched his final attack on Earth, Landcross managed to blow up one of the asteroids fired from the Planet-Destroying Fortress, but was badly injured in the resulting explosion. After the war, he was assigned to Vega Sector and given the rank of governor. Showdown! The Fortress vs the Victory Unification

Victory manga

Zone OAV

Landcross was seen among other High-ranking Autobots (such as Road Caesar, Grand Maximus, Metalhawk, Lander, and the Autobot Godmasters) when Dai Atlas was sworn-in by Victory Saber as the new Supreme Commander of the Autobot forces.

Micromaster Collection

After falling through a dimensional rift while testing their new stealth modes, the Multiforce combined into Landcross to fight Berserker Sixwing. They kicked his butt.



Landcross toy

Not Captain Planet, we swear.

  • Landcross (1989)
Japanese ID number: C-319
The original version of Landcross was available both as a giftset and separately as Wingwaver, Dashtacker, and Machtackle, although the individual robots were never sold separately. In addition to transforming separately into robot and vehicle modes and combining into Landcross, the six toys could also be combined in two-robot pairs, with one robot forming the head, upper torso, and arms and the other forming the lower torso and legs. The six robots' guns could be combined into a single large weapon.

Micromaster Collection

  • Landcross (Micromaster, 2003)
In 2004, the entire Multiforce was re-released as part of the Micromaster Collection (despite having never previously been considered Micromasters), in individual boxes with a number visible to show which mold was inside each box. For this release, all of the decals from the original version were replaced with paint applications. Landcross could only be assembled by buying all six components individually; he was never offered as a complete set.
In every case of twelve Multiforce "Micromasters," two of them were solid-black-plastic "stealth mode" variations. All six toys were available in this manner, and could be combined into a black "stealth mode" Landcross.


  • While the relationship between the Micromaster Collection versions of Sixliner, Sixturbo, Sixwing, Sixbuilder, and Sixtrain and their counterparts in Operation Combination (or Return of Convoy in the case of Sixliner) is unclear, the Micromaster Collection Multiforce are explicitly the same as the Victory Multiforce, and thus the Micromaster Collection Landcross is the same character as the Victory Landcross.
  • Oddly enough, only half of Landcross's components transform into land vehicles.

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