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Kuma Kinkin is a character from the Beast Wars Neo portion of the Beast Era.

"Scare Bear: Glare!"

The 'Missionary' Kuma Kinkin is a hulking Transformer twice the size of Big Convoy. His size of offset by his nimble fighting style, armed with slashing Bearnium gauntlets. His beast mode is a gigantic polar bear. Kuma Kinkin is the founder of Byacrane, a Transformer cult that intends to take over the galaxy.

Note: It's unclear if Kuma Kinkin's founding of the sinister Byacrane pre-dates finding the Angolmois capsule.


Beast Wars Neo manga

"This is how we do it in Brooklyn!"

When Big Convoy's crew of Maximals were discovered infiltrating the Byacrane stronghold in an attempt to steal their holy relic, Kuma Kinkin was called on to fight Big Convoy.

He nearly succeeded in overpowering the Maximal leader, but Big Convoy used his axe to cut off one of Kuma Kinkin's hands and stab his Bearnium gauntlet through his skull.

The Maximals got to take the capsule after that.


  • Kuma Kinkin was inserted into the Beast Wars Neo manga retroactively by means of a short text story; the regular manga's montage of the Maximals' adventures only providing a glimpse of their encounter with the Byacrane. Kuma Kinkin was created by Shouji Imaki.