Krunix is a Decepticon from the Marvel Comics portion of the Generation One continuity family.

In some ways you could consider him the Marvel Comic equivalent of Cyclonus' Armada...

Krunix exists. He asks his fellow Decepticons to save some for him. Some... anything.

It is impossible to discern anything about Krunix's personality from his actions, statements, or other's reactions to him.


Marvel Comics continuity

Krunix took part in the Decepticons raid on Fortress Maximus's base in the Manganese Mountains. He was concerned the transmission from Lord Zarak could be a booby-trap before discovering it was an alien language.

Krunix was among the Decepticons that traveled to Nebulos, and was part of Scorponok's handpicked team that laid siege to Koraja. Broken Glass!


  • In two scenes in the US edition of Headmasters #2, where Cyclonus was supposed to appear, artist Frank Springer accidentally drew a giant-sized version of Nightstick (though it's actually Fracas, but those two's character models got swapped and... oy), who was then colored like Cyclonus. For the UK printing of the story, since audiences were already very familiar with Cyclonus from exclusive stories in that comic, the giant Nightstick was renamed "Krunix."

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