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Krok is Cybertron's star soc-... football player. This position isn't undeserved, as centuries of playing all-star mecha-soccer has given Krok the ability to cause earthquakes with his steps. His partner, Gatoraider, finishes off the unlucky fools caught in the aftershocks.


Marvel Comics continuity

Generation One

After the climactic battle with Unicron, Krok turned up out of nowhere on Cybertron, working as Bludgeon's right hand 'bot and aide-de-camp. Still Life! He even got to sit at the Big Boys' Table with Bludgeon, Prowl and Grimlock during the united Autobot/Decepticon council meetings. He and Bludgeon both still had the urge to conquer in their circuitry, but were worried that after the war, their fellow Decepticons might actually prefer to remain in alliance with the Autobots. Fortunately for them, Grimlock engaged in a very public and very brutal beating of the Decepticon Fangry, quickly turning sentiment against the alliance. Krok and Bludgeon led the Decepticons in abandoning the Autobots on Cybertron and left for a new world to conquer: Klo. Exodus! Serving as site-to-site coordinator, Krok kept Bludgeon apprised of troop advancement across the planet's surface. He also uncovered an Autobot homing beacon on one of their ships during a security sweep and was able to warn Bludgeon ahead of time that they should expect company. The Last Autobot? After the Autobots did arrive, however, Krok was not visibly present among the Decepticon troops. His ultimate fate remains unknown.

Dreamwave Comics continuity

Krok was briefly seen as a part of Starscream's Predacon faction during his encounter with Grimlock's Lightning Strike Coalition. The War Within: The Dark Ages

IDW Generation 1 comics

Krok is the leader of the band of stranded Decepticons that ran into Grimlock, who is in stasis. He notably killed an Autobot


Generation One

  • Krok (Action Master, 1990)

Futbol Cybertrono

Krok is an Action Master, and as such does not transform, but his chest design hints that he was once some kind of spaceship, though this is the only clue we get. As with all Action Masters, he had a good range of articulation, though he has trouble holding his partner's weapon mode and keeping balance. He comes with his alligator partner, Gatoraider, who transforms into a giant cannon.

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