Kre-O is a new LEGO style toy-line released by Hasbro. It is similar to Built to Rule, which is release during the time of Armada and Energon.

The sets come in various sizes, and each set comes with a little Kreons. These little figures are LEGO-like in appearance and most of them are based on Generation 1 characters. They also come with human figures as well. They can fit inside the main figure in vehicle mode. The sets can be built into robot mode, but can't transform — unless disassemble it to reassemble it into vehicle mode.

Also, despite being made entirely of bricks, the Kre-O figures are extremely stable and maneuverable in robot mode. Some poses that aren't possible on the regular figures are possible on the Kre-Os. This is because they don't transform, allowing the designers to add more moving joints for extra posability.


BotCon 2011 exclusive Optimus Prime

The appearance of the sets are based on numerous continuities, for instance, Sideswipe is based on his Generation 1 counterpart, while Optimus Prime is based on his Movieverse counterpart.

At BotCon 2011, an exclusive Kreon Optimus Prime was released with his chest open to show the Matrix.

Basic ($7 price)

$10 price

  • Jazz with Kreon Jazz and Human driver
  • Mirage with Kreon Mirage and a human racing driver

$15 price

  • Prowl with Kreon Prowl and human SWAT officer

$20 price

  • Ratchet with Kreon Ratchet and Human Paramedic.
  • Sideswipe with Kreon Sideswipe and Human.

$25 price

  • Bumblebee with Kreon Red Alert, Bumblebee and human driver.

$30 price

  • Megatron with Kreon Megatron, Shockwave a SWAT officer and a specialist.
  • Starscream with Kreon Starscream and Human pilot.

$40 price

  • Sentinel Prime with Kreon Thundercracker, Sentinel Prime, Soundwave and Fire-fighter.

$60 price

  • Optimus Prime with Kreon Optimus Prime, Bluestreak, Skywarp and two drivers.

Still to Come

  • Devastator. This is a set consisting 4 separate Constructicons that can be built into their individual vehicle modes, and as part of Devastator.[1]


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