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Koji is a human from the Robots in Disguise continuity family.

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When Predacons kidnapped Koji Onishi's dad, a famous scientist, that meant he got to live with the Autobots. Though he desperately missed his father, Koji befriended many of the Autobots and was a frequent guest at their headquarters, acting as a sort of cultural ambassador to help them understand Earth's societies and history. On several occasions he has had close calls with the Predacons and Decepticons, but even among that group he has made a new friend.

Japanese Name: Yuki Onishi (大西 勇気 Ōnishi Yūki?)


Cartoon continuity

Voice actor: Jason Spisak (English), Akiko Kimura (Japanese)

Koji was heartbroken by the abduction of his father, and worried about him frequently throughout the first half of the animated series. They had been very close, with the Doctor often bringing his son with him on archeological digs and fishing trips.

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Mrs. Onishi

  • Koji's relationship with his mother is... ill-defined at best. She was only depicted briefly in the premiere episode, and then never seen, heard, or mentioned again, though Koji still has a normal human home he presumably shares with her.
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