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Knock Out is the Decepticon's version of Ratchet and the only known Decepticon doctor. He is also a scientist and inventor (though not so talented as Shockwave, of course). However, rather than being grumpy, Knock Out is incredibly vain, snobbish and sly. He takes little care of his patients and values his own splendid appearance over all else. Like Ratchet, he is reluctant to join a battle, but his reason is quite different: he is afraid of being scratched. Knock Out's friend and partner is Breakdown, who helps him with almost anything whether it be buffing a comatose Megatron or helping to kidnap children.

"I like the way I look in steel belted radials."
―Knock Out when Starscream questions him as to why he chose an automobile as an altmode.[[Prime Cartoon| [src]]]


Prime cartoon

Voice actor: Daran Norris


Fan girl bait

Knock Out was called on by Starscream to see if he can repair their comatose leader. Starscream chastised Knock Out for being late but he explained that it was "a long drive" to which Starscream reacted with distaste towards Knock Out's choice of altmode and wonders why any self-respecting Decepticon would choose a land altmode when he could fly. Knock Out replied that he enjoys how he looks in his current appearance. Starscream then asked if he could repair Megatron. Knock Out said that he was better at "breaking them than fixing them" but agreed to do his best.

Later, Knock Out and Breakdown interfere with the Autobot's museum heist to take the Energon Harvester. He pulled up to Optimus Prime in vehicle mode and wolf whistles at Optimus' altmode. He and Breakdown then engaged the Autobots while Soundwave made off with the Energon Harvester taken from the human children. After Starscream began using the harvester on Energon deposits, he and Breakdown disabled each other in an attempt to stop Bulkhead from interfering. When they come to, the other Autobots show up to help Bulkhead. Breakdown asked whether they should fight, but Knock Out decided to drive away instead. Deus ex Machina

Later, Knock Out participated in human street races, one such race resulting in him driving an opponent off the road for scratching his paint. When he returned to the Nemesis, Starscream confronted him about his street racing and ordered him to continue working on Megatron, not to race again. Later, Knock Out does indeed raced again, but this time, he happened upon Bumblebee, who is racing with Jack. He attacked them, but they managed to escape. When another kid, Vince, found Jack, Knock Out took him hostage and forced the Autobots to give chase. He and Breakdown set a trap to keep the other Autobots occupied, but Optimus Prime is able to save Vince by tearing off Knock Out's door, sending a furious Knock Out fleeing into the distance. When Knock Out returned to the Nemesis after the ordeal, Starscream punished him for disobeying orders, though the punishment was only cosmetic. Speed Metal

When Starscream decided he wanted to terminate Megatron by "mercifully" taking him off life support, he made a deal with Knock Out where he would be the new Decepticon leader with Knock Out as his second-in-command. To this end, Knock Out did his best to convince Soundwave that Megatron would not have wanted to remain in a "vegetative" state and that taking him off life support was the only solution. However, they discovered Bumblebee and Arcee doing something to Megatron's body, and as they fled they knocked Megatron's life support system off. However Soundwave pointed out they could not let Megatron die by an Autobot's hand, so Knock Out was forced to reconnect his life support. Later he noted to Starscream that Megatron was no longer showing any brainwave activity. Sick Mind

He subsequently informed Starscream that he was not yet leader, but still open to the idea of being a second-in-command. When the Autobots interfered in Starscream's latest plan to recover Energon, Knock Out assured Starscream that his second-in-command would take care of them, and ordered Breakdown to attack. However, Optimus Prime attacked from behind, and Starscream chastised Knock Out for not keeping an eye on the rear. Out of His Head

Following Megatron's miraculous recovery, Knock Out was assigned to keep Starscream functional as Megatron punished him repeatedly for his duplicity. Starscream disobeyed his orders to simply recover, and later Knock Out saw to him as Starscream claimed he had lost his arm and it was Knock Out's fault for not checking him thoroughly. To make up for this, Knock Out suggested an upgraded limb, or else find his old arm. Starscream returned from searching even more damaged, and Knock Out pointed out that he needed to take better care of himself. Shadowzone

Knock Out and Breakdown were sent to steal a data cylinder which transferred all its data into Bulkhead by a laser due to Miko's clumsiness. After detecting Bulkhead in a monster truck platform, Megatron ordered Knock Out to bring Bulkhead's head. When Knock Out and Breakdown were searching through the platform for Bulkhead, who was in vehicle mode, the Autobot transformed when Knock Out was about to inspect him, then painted some of his mathematical (or possibly scientific) equations in white paint on Knock Out. This outraged Knock Out. Before he could use his chainsaw to cut out Bulkhead's head, Miko bumped herself into his head and the data came out of Bulkhead through a laser again. The data was lost in space, then Knock Out and Breakdown retreated after Optimus, Arcee, and Bumblebee came. T.M.I.


Knock Out's worst nightmare

At a certain point, Knock Out and Breakdown were stealing Energon cubes and Arcee was in pursuit of them until the air support Vehicons came and would have killed her if Ratchet had not intervened. Knock Out claims that he saw Ratchet for the first time saying he is a new Autobot. Megatron got assaulted slightly with energon leaking out of his mouth after Ratchet punched him in the face. Before Ratchet was able to punch him again, Megatron ripped the green Energon liquid out of him. Knockout collected the liquid back into a container, then battled Ratchet while trying to decapitate him. After Knock Out aimed his chainsaw at Ratchet but aimed into a rock wall, making him stuck until he was able to pull it out, Ratchet destroyed the container. Knock Out again retreated when Bumblebee, Arcee, & Optimus came. Stronger, Faster

After Optimus, at the time going by his pre-Prime persona of Orion Pax, decoded three coordinates of Iacon relics found on Earth, he dispatched several of his troops to collect them. One of the sets was located in an old human mine and Knock Out and Breakdown were sent to retrieve it. However, the Autobots detected it as well and both Bulkhead and Bumblebee arrived shortly after. As Bulkhead engaged Breakdown, Knock Out made off with the relic. Despite Bumblebee's use of another vehicle's wheels, (skateboard style due to the loss of his T-Cog) to keep up, Knock Out was able to escape with the relic. Operation Bumblebee Part 1

Knock Out and Breakdown were also sent to retrieve the relic found at the final set of coordinates. This relic turned out to be a giant hammer, the Forge of Solus Prime. Knock Out used the recently acquired Shield Generator to keep the Autobots at bay while Breakdown finished unearthing the relic. Unfortunately, Bulkhead used the hammer to send Breakdown careening into Knock Out. When Breakdown landed on him, Knock Out dropped the shield generator, which Bulkhead promptly smashed with the hammer. When Megatron arrived to claim the hammer, both Knock Out and Breakdown retreated into the ground bridge vortex. Operation Bumblebee Part 2

Beast Hunters

Later on, during the battle to restore Cybertron, Knockout was captured by the Autobots, along with the Nemesis and made a prisoner. After the restoration, he was deprived of an Oil Bath until he revealed the locations of Shockwave's Secret Laboratories. When the Nemesis was going into battle against Unicron's horde of undead Predacons, he worked with Starscream in an attempt to reclaim the ship. He managed to steal the Phase Shifter from Smokescreen's wrist and secure the Immobiliser. They then made their way to the bridge with Starscream and several Vehicons. The battle quickly turned against them, and he betrayed Starscream, using the Phase Shifter to take the Immobiliser from him and proceeded to break it over his head and officially defecting to the Autobots. He claimed he had "Defected to the winning team." He then worked with the Autobots during the battle against Unicron. After Unicrons defeat, Prime addressed him along with the rest of his team, stating that "Each of you have proved yourselves worthy of being a Prime."


Knockout has displayed over the course of the series to be cowardly, rarely picking fights, and more often, choosing to run away from his enemies, and near the end of Beast Wars, defects to the Autobots, merely because they are the winning side. That being said, he has shown himself to be rather capable with the right weapons, at one point showing himself capable of holding off both Bumblebee and RC, with the correct equipment. He is also rather cunning, showing himself to be just as cunning, if not more-so than Starscream.

Knockout's main weakness is his vanity, after every engagement,he was also successfully tortured, merely by withholding oil-bath privileges.

But when it all comes down to it, Knockout is a medic and scientist. And although his reasons for joining the Autobots may not have been completely sincere, Optimus no less states that he is worthy of Primehood.



Knock Out
  • Knock Out (Deluxe, 2012)
An all new mold for Knock Out. It comes with a black spear that can be placed on either of his doors. This mold was used to make Arms Micron Smokescreen.
  • Knock Out (Cyberverse, 2012)
An all new mold for Knock Out. It resembles its Deluxe counterpart. It possibly could be a downsized version of the Deluxe figure.

Prime: Beast Hunters

  • Knock Out (Deluxe, 2013)


  • Knock Out has thus far only been seen with a melee weapon, a buzz saw, a spear with a large taser-like thing, and a drill, while in his humanoid mode. The only projectile weapon that he has been seen to use is a laser cannon that he deploys while in vehicle mode while chasing Bumblebee on one occasion.
    • Knock Out shares this trait with his counterpart, Ratchet, whose only weapons appear to be a pair of blades and a blowtorch.
  • Knock Out has a personalized rear license plate as seen when he pulls up to Optimus Prime in Deus Ex Machina. His alt-mode most closely resembles an Aston Martin.
  • With the death of his assistant Breakdown, he remains the only non cannon fodder Decepticon in the series with a ground based alt-mode.
  • Like Dreadwing, Knock Out was more of an anti-hero than evil, before changing sides. Though while Dreadwing was honorable, Knock Out did appear to enjoy tormenting others.
  • Knock Out's rivals in the series appeared to be Bumblebee and Ratchet. That all changed in the Predacons Rising film.
  • Knock Out never refers Optimus by his name. Referring to him as Big Rig, The best of role models, or Big O.
  • According to a few of the producers of Transformers: Prime, Knockout was proposed as gay, not only due to his obsession of his own appearance, but the possible flirting to other characters such as Optimus Prime, Starscream, and Breakdown. [source needed]
  • Knock Out likes to spend his time off duty watching movies at drive-in theaters. He seems to have a fondness for horror films.
  • Knock Out and Megatron are the only Decepticons of rank who eventually disband from the Decepticons of their own free will. Though Starscream did so as well, Starscream rejoined the congregation during the second season and stayed a Decepticon till the end.
I cannot remain in this unacceptable operational status!

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