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Knock Out is an Autobot from the Movie continuity family.

Knock Out is an incredibly skilled and flashy fighter who is also very insecure. He always makes sure the other Autobots notice him on the battlefield. He hopes one day to become a combiner like the Arcee and her "sisters". He is considered young and inexperienced among the Autobots.



Like Jolt, Knock Out was part of the team sent to counter Soundwave's attack on the power plant. He went along with Bumblebee and Landmine. He was also present at Galloway's rant about the damaged caused in the attack.

Later, he was on the NEST cargo plane transporting the captured Soundwave. He survived the crash caused by Buzzsaw and helped the other Autobots transport Soundwave by road. When Dirt Boss attacked the zoo where Soundwave is, Knock Out was attacked by Ratbat, who ripped out his front head light. Fortunately, he survived the assault, thanks to Bumblebee.

Later in Inyokern, California, Knock Out, Bumblebee, Landmine and the others meet up with Optimus Prime, who now has Soundwave secured, and is under interrogation.

He later takes part in the assault on the secret base in crater lake, Oregon. He survives the battle.


  • Knock Out (Scout, 2009)

Another shelfwarmer.

Knock out transforms into motorcycle. And for such a small motorcycle, has quite a complex transformation. His humanoid mode is pretty weak, he is unable to stay on his legs due to weak connections required for transformation. His redeco, Reverb, was retooled to fix that problem, adding more stable feet.


  • In Knock Out's toy bio, he wants to undergo the new "combiner retrofit" he's been hearing about, which may strongly imply it is about Arcee's new combiner status.

I cannot remain in this unacceptable operational status!

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