The Knights Temenos Transport is a detachable cargo/transport ship that can pop off the main body of the Knights Temenos. The Knights Temenos has 5 of these ships, when attached to the main body, they act as towers which can turn backwards when the Knights Temenos is moving fast, or activatingDark-matter Drives.


Knights temenos transport-hong kong

The Knights Temenos arrives in Hong Kong

Knights temenos transport back

The Back door, with the ramp slowly extending

The Knights Temenos has 5 of these, 2 on each side, and one on the back. It is assumed there is one transport for each Knight. The shop has no guns, but can fly at high speeds and is useful for the Knights Temenos. The ship has a giant rotating sphere, where the cockpit is, and has 8 engines on the bottom and the back for movement. The ship has a short body and a large rotating door with a ramp for getting troops or cargo on-board. The ship has a long, thin cover on top for armor, and it has some spikes/antennae surrounding the whole ship.

Inside, the ship has 4 rooms. A long, wide hallway where the ramp is attached. a large sphere-shaped room where Lockdowns most important prisoners were kept, a storage room and the cockpit.

Transformers: Age of Extinction

When Optimus Prime needed an escape from the Knights Temenos, the Autobots boarded the Transport, and Hound tried to find out how to fly/launch it. Just a few seconds before the Knights Temenos activated Dark- matter Drives, they detached and made a quick getaway.

Hound Drift, and Optimus land at a old Train station, where they meat up with Crosshairs, Brains, Cade, Tessa, Shane, and Bumblebee. They board the Transport again and fly for Hong Kong. They arrive in only a hour, thanks to its incredible speed. But while they try to get Joshua on board with the seed, a prototype shoots the side, causing the Transport to crash land into the side of a mountain, hit the side of a ravine, then crash near a small village.

Later, Optimus goes into the Transport, finds a Sword, and uses it to cut free Grimlock, Strafe, Scorn, and Slug.

At the end, you can see the Knights Temenos being shot at, but it is not seen being destroyed. Its towers were also lowering, which means it was about to enter interstellar launch. This could mean the Knights Temenos along with its remaining 4 Transports survived.

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