The Knights Temenos Dropship is a medium-sized ship with plenty of guns. The Knights Temenos has only one known dropship and is used to transport Lockdown to the ground from his ship on most occasions, sometimes used as a cargo/attack craft.


The ship has a medium-small body with large wings, which are covered in assortments of guns. The cockpit is similar to that of a B-17, and on top are 3 small rotating turrets, one on top of the cockpit. Four large cannons are the most visible weapon, near the cockpit. On the side of the cockpits are exhaust vents that can open/close for unknown reasons. A variety of rockets/missiles hang below the ship, and two large cannons are on the tips of the wings. 8 medium galting guns are on the back, under the cockpit, and on the wings. The ship has smaller wings attached to the back. The ship also has a large cargo net, and room for Lockdown to sit inside.


When Lockdown wounds Optimus, the Dropship drops from below the Knights Temenos, where the magnet is. It flys in, where Lockdown lifts himself up into it. The ship drops its net over Optimus, and Tessa, who is inside a car. The dropship lifts them up, and carries them to a large circular door on top of the Knights Temenos. The dropship unloads Optimus, who is escorted on a moving platform, and Tessa, who is moved to the Trash inside the car. The dropship has its own personal landing pad inside the Knights Temenos. The Dropship is not seen again, it may appear later in the film series, as the Knights Temenos is apparently not destroyed in Age of Extinction.


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