The Knights' Temenos is an ancient Cybertronian ship which was originally the transport of Legendary knights, however, it is now the personal mobile prison of the bounty hunter Lockdown.

"Remember this ship, Prime? Built for all you knights you great crusader's to explore the universe, Well, I commandeered it.. It's my personal prison now. Welcome back to the Knights' Temenos, Prime."
"You have disgraced it."
"Join your fellow rebels, fugitives, scum. It's for the rarest specimens, the worst of the worst. It's taken centuries but I've collected all the knights... except you!"
―Lockdown to Optimus as he imprisons him.


Thats a big magnet

The Knight Temenos' Magnet.

The Knights' Temenos was constructed in the ancient times of Cybertron as an exploration ship for the Great Knights. It is a mighty vessel that holds great power and mystery. The center of the ship features a giant magnetic turbine that sucks up anything made of metal, even Cybertronians, and grinds them up. It is also a carrier for smaller ships. The prison section of the ship can detach and become a smaller shuttle craft. There is a small gunship-like ship that is used for heavy lifting and the capture of live targets. It also has its own squadron of upgraded small fighters and upgraded medium ones.

The ship also has 5 Detachable Transport Ships that are attached to the sides and the back of the ship. Each one acts as a tower that tips downwards when the ship is moving


Age of Extinction film

Suck-up some ships

The Knights Temenos using its magnet to destroy a building. the magnet is powerful enough to lift entire ships, even huge barges.

The Knights Temenos plays a very important role in the film. It is Lockdown's personal mobile prison in the film, and is featured in dozens of scenes. It is constantly seen over Chicago and Hong Kong. The ship does mighty damage to Hong Kong towards the end of the film, using its Magnet to suck up everything metal, then drop it back onto the city. The ship also uses its dropship to capture Tessa, and Optimus Prime, taking them into the Knights Temenos. Cade, Shane and the Autobots sneak into the ship to save her and Optimus Prime. The ship is not destroyed.

Later in the film, Optimus, Drift, and Hound hijack the Knight Temenos' Transport Ship and use it to escape. This shuttle gets shot down later in the film.

The Last Knight

The Knights Temenos was recovered by DayTrader and convert the ship for Autobots use. The ship is instrumental in Autobots role, as it was used as a landing strip for several Osprey's used to transport the humans close enough to deploy. Drift stayed aboard the ship to pilot it while the rest of the crew rolled out. In the aftermath, the Autobots boarded the Knight Ship and flew towards their homeworld (now suspended in Earth's orbit).

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