Klo is a planet in the Generation One continuity family.

The yellow can't be seen from space.

Klo, which roughly translates into Cybertronix as "enduring peace," was once a beautiful world. It has lakes (green), sand (yellow), and great canyons of crystal (green), and is inhabited by a passive race of cloven-hooved, pot-bellied puce-skinned organics with small, flesh coloured horns on their heads, elongated ears, and enlarged eyes, known as either Klozians or Klovians.


Marvel Comics continuity

Information in italics relates to the (later retconned) UK Annual text story "Another Time and Place".

Unfortunately for Klo, in addition to all of its desirable qualities, it also had a place in the Decepticon star charts- at least, until Bludgeon drove his sword through it at random.

With Cybertron in tatters and apparently disintegrating after the Unicron war, and eager to leave his erstwhile Autobot allies to their certain doom, Acting Commander Bludgeon selected the planet at random as the Decepticons' first new conquest in too long, and the Decepticon fleet spilled over Klo, spreading panic and devastation everywhere.

"Hey." "Hey."

Although seemingly-mindless, the destruction had a hidden purpose- anticipating, thanks to his discovery of Grimlock's homing beacon, the arrival of the Autobots as avenging angels, Bludgeon intended to use the pillage of Klo to lure them into a final trap.

Thus, Klo was nearly famous for being the site of one of the most successful Decepticon military campaigns of all time- with only one apparent casualty, the Firecon Sparkstalker, accidentally incinerated by one of his own colleagues. The Autobots came, saw, and suffered, with almost all of the Autobot survivors destroyed, with the exception of Grimlock, Kup, Prowl, Slag, and Blaster. Fortunately for Klo, however, unbeknownst to Grimlock or Bludgeon, another ship set down on the planet- the Last Autobot, final Guardian of Cybertron, carrying the team of super-heroes known as the Neo-Knights, and, more importantly, Optimus Prime. The shock factor of Optimus' latest return from the grave, coupled with the return to the fray of a still-fighting Grimlock, and the Last Autobot, whose Primus-given skills allowed him to psionically repair and resurrect the fallen Autobots, spelled doom for the Decepticon forces. Bludgeon, claiming defeat, ordered a retreat, telling the Autobots that the war was over, and that the Decepticons, "whipped like curs," would now leave for some solitary asteroid, there to live out their lives in exile.

Should probably leave this out of the brochure.

The Decepticons departed Klo, and Optimus Prime pledged that the Autobots would help the Klozians to rebuild.

The rebuilding process took several months, during which time the bodies of the Decepticons killed in the battle were entombed or interred in some fashion. Finally, the Autobots left the planet- at which point a group of the Decepticons quietly returned, and retrieved their fallen brethren, taking them to Hydrus Four.


  • According to the original script for "End of the Road!," Klo's lakes are sulfuric. This was not conveyed well in the final publication.
  • In German, Klo is a synonym for toilet.
  • And it's also Swedish for claw. No really, no slang involved.
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