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Kitty Merriweather is a human in the Hearts of Steel portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Kitty Merriweather is a young woman who lives in the latter part of the 19th Century. She occasionally participates in anti-Decepticon activities. She lives in San Francisco with her rich father, Stanford Merriweather, and is romantically involved with Tobias Muldoon. She is brave, loyal, and always willing to give someone a second chance.


IDW Hearts of Steel continuity

Merriweather's father was the primary investor in Muldoon's attempts to build a "sub-marine". She was present when Muldoon was forced to report to her father that it had sunk, and attempted to console him. Hearts of Steel issue 1 Her father forbade her from having anything more to do with Muldoon. However, when Muldoon showed up on her doorstep, bedraggled and talking about a mechanical threat to all humanity, she let him in. Hearts of Steel issue 2 While supportive, when she heard his story about the Decepticons, she asked if he was delirious. However, when Ravage burst through the window in an attempt to kill Muldoon, she saw the truth of his words. Hearts of Steel issue 3 During Ravage's attack, and the later pursuit of Astrotrain, Muldoon's first thoughts were always of her safety, and this both cemented her love for him, and convinced her father to let them continue the courtship. During the pursuit of Astrotrain, she was trapped in a train tunnel by Decepticon explosives, along with most of the rest of the human protagonists, but was later freed by John Henry. Hearts of Steel issue 4

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