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Kiss Players

With the Galaxy Force franchise having ending on a whimper rather than a bang in Japan, Takara opted to go with a smaller, more collector-oriented line in 2006, resulting in the controversial Kiss Players toyline.

The series spins out of the Binaltech toyline, re-using the intricate, 1:24 scale molds from that series, and - apparently taking their cue from the short-lived Japanese subline, Binaltech Asterisk - pairing them with PVC figurines of cute anime girls.


PINK! And also WRONG!

The fiction of the line establishes that these girls are the eponymous "Kiss Players," who power-up the Transformers and merge with them by kissing them. Each toy comes packaged with an audio CD that collects several chapters of the radio drama that was broadcast concurrently with the line.

In 2007, Kiss Players moved into its second phase, Kiss Players Position, which featured only three products, all of them exclusives.




  • The Autrooper X Atari set includes decals to customize the 1:24 Autrooper figure as any of the 48 E.D.C. Autrooper units.
  • According to series designer Yūki Ōshima, the larger Autrooper toy was not originally planned for release. When it was added to the toy line, it was opted to discontinue the large figurine/"Smallest" Transformer sub-line, which was originally going to continue with Marissa X Convoy (and presumably would have ended with Shao Shao X Hot Rodimus).
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