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The name or term Kiss Players refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Kiss Players (disambiguation).


But can any of them actually SING?

The Kiss Players are a pop idol singing group made up of both humans and Transformers. The group's purpose is to promote a positive relationship and friendship between humans and Transformers in the wake of the Tokyo disaster of 2005 and the subsequent rise and fall of the E.D.C..

Given the E.D.C. logos on the group's costumes, they would appear to be either sponsored by or a public-relations arm of the revitalized organization.

Its members include:

With producer Blaster.


Kiss Players[]


This scene is Hound's fault.

Around the year 2007, following the destruction of the Tokyo Earth Defense Command base and the dismantling of the anti-electron field that kept Cybertronian lifeforms off the planet, the relationship between humans and Transformers was in desperate need of repair. A joint operation was developed by Ultra Magnus: three former Kiss Players and three mixed-faction Transformers would form a singing group (with Blaster serving as their producer) called the "Kiss Players" and tour the world to entertain and educate humanity!


This isn't even close to the most degrading thing they've had to wear.

As they performed using Fortress Maximus (a.k.a. "Brave Maximus Fortress") as a stage at the Scramble City stop of their tour, the group was suddenly approached by the Sparkbots, who instructed the human members to kiss them. The humans and Maximus were instantly teleported away through space and time, leaving the other three behind.

Rosanna, Sundor and Glit subsequently returned to Earth's artificial satellite Nana and joined Teletraan 15 and Teletraan 10 in their adventures.

The group is presumed to have disbanded following the return of Marissa, Atari and Shao Shao to the present day.