Kingbolt is a Mini-Con from the Armada portion of the Unicron Trilogy.

Have at thee!

Kingbolt is the leader of the Hazard Mini-Con Team and a very high-ranking and well-respected Mini-Con. His speech may sound corny and like that of an old-time knight, but his courage and dedication to his race is unquestionable and unshakable. He is incredibly skilled in both melee combat and ranged attacks.



Say hallo to my leetle friend!

Micron Legend: Linkage comics

Kingbolt was among the many Mini-Cons whose storage panels were scattered across the globe when the Exodus went down. He was summoned from his panel by his teammates Impulsor and Quench after they were freed from their panels by Stella Holley. With a mighty flying kick, Kingbolt freed the captured Twirl from the monster Ravenus, but held off on destroying him with his cannon mode when Twirl revealed the creature was in fact a horribly mutated Autobot.

After the battle, Kingbolt spoke to the gathered Mini-Cons on Earth and encouraged them to join with the Autobots and return to Cybertron to face their creator, Unicron. The Hazard Team Powerlinxed to the powerful Overload during the battle. It is unknown how they fared in the battle, but it is assumed they survived and continued to be a strong presence in Mini-Con politics.



  • Kingbolt (Mini-Con, 2003)
Kingbolt was available only with volume 10 of the Micron Legend (the Japanese name for Armada) DVD series. He is a redeco of the Armada Prowl toy, transforming into both a Cybertronic police car and a pistol that can be held by most larger Unicron Trilogy toys. Like most Mini-Cons, he has a Powerlinx socket that lets him attach to any Transformer toy with a compatible plug.
He uses the same mold as Checkpoint, Groove, and Quasar.


  • Kingbolt's coloration and character is heavily inspired by the Takara Brave series toys, most notably Exkaiser. In addition, the use of his cannon mode, held by a "spectral" gunman in the Linkage mini-comic is a lift of the final "Big Magnum" attack from the live-action SF series Space Sheriff Shyder.

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