This article is about the Japanese Seacon combiner. For the American Seacon combiner, see Piranacon (G1).

King Poseidon is composed of the following Seacons, though only their leader, Turtler, is sentient:

Italian dub name: Piranha
English/Malay dub name: Piranacon


Masterforce cartoonEdit

Voice actor: Masato Hirano (Japanese)

Masterforce mangaEdit

When Overlord got mad about the Decepticons' inability to get rid of Ginrai, but didn't feel like getting rid of him himself, he sent in King Poseidon to kill him. In their first fight, Ginrai was no match for the combiner, but then combined with his trailer, he became Super Ginrai and gave the "King" a royal ass kicking. The Seacon drones were destroyed in the fight, but Turtler survived, and King Poseidon would make later appearances, and get thrashed by Super Ginrai.

Zone OVA and mangaEdit


Of course he needs a cape! He's a "King"!

When Violen Jygar seized command of the Decepticons, his first act was to recruit nine Demon-Generals from Decepticon history. King Poseidon was selected to be one of those Generals and was given the rank of Aquatic General as well as new power and weaponry to make him an even greater threat than before. King Poseidon was sent to Earth along with Devastator, Trypticon and Predaking to steal the Zodiac. King Poseidon managed to get his hands on the Zodiac, and nearly made it away with the precious thingy, until it was taken away by Dai Atlas and Sonic Bomber. King Poseidon then met his end when the Zodiac was opened in front of him, unleashing its powerful energies. Enter the New Supreme Commander, Dai Atlas!


G1 Piranacon toy

An example of neon not existing in G1 toy colourations.

  • King Poseidon (1988)
Japanese ID number: D-318
King Poseidon was available separately or in a giftset with all six Seacons. The toys are identical to the Hasbro Seacons. Unlike Piranacon giftset, the King Poseidon giftset included all six figures.
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