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"The past is history. The present is past. The future is now."
―Joshua Joyce, founder and CEO of KSI
"We make the world."
―The official company slogan of KSI

Kinetic Solutions Incorporated, commonly abbreviated as KSI, is one of the antagonist factions of the Transformers: Age of Extinction movie. It was started by Joshua Joyce, and is cooperating with Cemetery Wind and also the bounty hunter Lockdown. The company's main goal is to build man-made prototype Transformers to "make the world a better place". As Joshua explains in the film, these prototypes can be used for the Military, Cleaning, exploration, and literally every other possible task.


Stinger and Bumblebee inside KSI headquarters

Cade breaks into KSI headquarters to find out why dead Transformers were being transferred to KSI. He disguises himself as a KSI scientist, and has Bumblebee scan a fake scientist key in order to get in.

He then learns that KSI is using the metals that Transformers are made of (Transformium) in order to build there improved prototype Transformers. He walks into a melting room, where he see's KSI scientists melting Ratchet's head for Transformium.

However, Cade's phony KSI key alarmed the system, indicating that there was two of the same key signed into the building. Cade attempt's to escape, but is later caught by KSI guards. He is brought to the top floor to speak to Harold Attinger.

This alerts the Autobots that Cade is captured, so they all break into the building, while Bumblebee and Drift save Cade. Optimus, Crosshairs, and Hound went to the main room, where they started destroying KSI's technology.

This angers Joshua, who yells at them for destroying his hard work. Joshua explains that they don't "need' the Transformers any more, because they can make their own. This causes the Autobots to stop the assault, while they leave KSI headquarters.

Galvatron talking to Optimus

After the Autobot attack, Joshua and Harold both want to test Stinger, and Galvatron in order to kill the Autobots. They activate him, and send him on a chase with the Autobots. Galvatron malfunctions, and causes him to shoot a car, and smash a delivery truck.

However, he then functions properly, and fires missiles at the Autobots, he misses, while Stinger starts to pursue the Autobots. Galvatron fires more missiles, which miss the Autobots, but hits oncoming traffic, causing the Autobots to jump over a bridge. Bumblebee returns fire, but, thanks to Galvatrons design, he transforms, and continues to pursue Optimus.

Galvatron fires several more missiles, which, finally, hits Optimus in the side, This causes him to transform, launching Cade and Shane into the grass, and Pushing Tessa into a crashed car. Optimus then fights Galvatron, while Cade and Shane tell Tessa to run. She, however, cant make it since Optimus and Galvatron continue throwing each other in her way. But soon, Lockdown approaches with the Knights Temenos.

He fires a missile, which hits Optimus in the chest, weakening him. Galvatron escapes, while Lockdown fires another missile, hitting Optimus, and causing him to fly and hit a car. Tessa hides in a nearby car to hide, while Lockdown brings Optimus onto the Knights Temenos.

Galvatron infects a number of KSI Prototypes in a factory, and orders them to find his seed. the prototypes along with Galvatron attack the factory, and uses them to get to Hong Kong.

Once they arrive there, Galvatron senses the seed. He orders his prototypes to find the seed, which involves attacking Hong Kong for it. This causes a battle between the Autobots and the Prototypes. Luckily, Optimus arrives with the Dinobots, which destroy several remaining Prototypes.

The remaining prototypes attack Optimus, Cade, Shane, and Tessa, But Optimus uses Lockdown's grenade to kill them. Optimus escapes, with the humans.


  • KSI is cooperated with Cemetery Wind
  • KSI is also cooperated with Lockdown


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