Killbison is the stereotypical violent jock of the Decepticon Breastforce team. He transforms into a double-barreled tank, and like all tanks, his barrels will either be (a) bent backwards (b) yanked at or (c) made useless once the first step has been completed. His Breastforce partner is Bisonbreast, a winged bull, who does not fly and is not red. This does not keep Killbison from joining with his teammates to form Liokaiser.

His hobbies include throwing knives at pictures conveniently hung on doors, and giving the finger everytime he gets the spotlight.

(But does he kill bison? If he does, does he use every part, or does he destroy such magnificent beasts only for their tongues? Ah, the unanswered questions of life.)



Victory cartoon

Voice actor: Kazumi Tanaka (Japan)

Sneak Attack! Dinoking, Attack! Leozack, Unite!! Multiforce, Move Out! Rescue Team, Infiltration... The Uranium Mine, Explosion!! The Energy Base, Big City - Underground Terror, Clash!! Two Great Heroes, The New Warrior - Hellbat, Attack the Shuttle Base!!, Tanker Hijack Operation, Move Out!! Breastforce, Rescue Jean!!, Mach and Tackle, A Fierce Battle!! The Asteroid, Rescue! Gaihawk, Unite! Liokaiser, Assemble! The Warrior Combiner, Battle Up of Wrath!!, Fight to the Death!! Antarctic Battle, Crisis! Ambush in the Desert, A Deadly Battle, Ginrai Dies!!, Fight!! Victory Leo, Ultimate Crisis!! Autobots, Awaken! Victory Leo, The Tide is Turned! The Ultimate Weapon, the Victory Unification, Jean - Defend the Campus!!, A Mystery?! The Deception of the Base Bombs, The Death-Bringing Space Insects!!, The Strongest! Victory Saber, The Terror of the Giant Tidal Waves, The Wrath of the Resurrected Giant Fortress!

Victory manga




  • Killbison (1989)
Japanese ID number: D-333
Released only in Japan, Killbison transforms into a white and gold KMW Gepard anti-aircraft tank. He also forms the right leg to the combined robot Liokaiser. He came with his breastplate/gun/animal partner Bisonbreast. His tank-mode guns and turret form part of Liokaiser's gun with Jarugar's missiles.
This mold was used to make the Autobot Rescue Force tank.
  • Liokaiser (Multi-pack, 1989)
Japanese ID number: D-335
Killbison was also available in a complete six-piece box set of the entire Breastforce team. It's worth noting that this release does not have bio/tech cards for the individuals, only the combined form.

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