Kid is a character in the Go-Bots continuity.

Kid is a helpful and speedy Go-Bot.


Japanese Go-Bots Comic

Kid saw someone running frantically. When Kid asked him what was wrong, he said that he afraid he'd be late for a meeting with his friend. Kid transformed and told him to hop in.

Speeding up quickly, Kid leapt over a body of water. His passenger soon spotted his friend, then got out and cheerfully ran to greet him.

Rescue complete!

Note: Both Kid's passenger and the friend he was going to meet were color variations of Kid-Bot - the versions that came with Paul Jr. and Paul, respectively. However, neither of them were ever given individual names as far as it is known, hence the incredible vagueness of the preceding write-up.


Rescue Hero Go-Bots

  • Kid (Basic Go-Bot)
Japanese ID number: GO-14
The Japanese version of the Aero-Bot II toy, released in 2003. Identical to Aero-Bot II.
This mold was first used to make Speed-Bot, and also used to make Mototron and Ted. It was remolded in various ways to make Prowl-Bot, Fire-Bot, Robert, Smith, Cop-Bot and Taxi-Bot.

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