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Kickflip is a Mini-Con from the Energon portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Kickflip, along with her Extreme Competition Team teammates Breakage and Mudbath, assists the Autobots in searching the galaxy for deposits of raw Energon ore. The trio combines to form the robot Heavy Metal.

Japanese name: Filter



  • Filter (Micron Booster, 2004)
Booster ID number: 12
A redeco of the Energon/Cybertron Perceptor component Grindor, Filter transforms into a Cybertronic hovercraft. It was available only in the third Micron Booster assortment, in a blind-packed, individual box. It forms the legs of the combined robot Frenzy.
The same mold is used by Screw.


  • As "Filter", Kickflip was originally released in Japan with no bio info whatsoever. The American name "Kickflip", and her bio, were created by the Fan Club. Despite the different names, they are the same character.
  • Because her Japanese counterpart has no bio at all -- and thus no gender either -- she is not a gender-switch character. She simply had no established gender until her fan club bio was published.

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