Kicker Beware! is the thirteenth episode of Energon. It first aired in Canada on June 25, 2004 on YTV.



Kicker and the Autobots make a series of startling discoveries amid the ruins of Lunar City.


Sitting atop his control throne, Megatron angrily flashes back to the activation of the energon towers on Earth. Cyclonus and Demolishor speculate on what's got him so grumpy. Overhearing them, he snares them both with tentacle-wires and bawls them out. Suddenly, Megatron suspects Demolishor isn't telling him something about how the Autobots are finding energon; Cyclonus mentions that it's some human who's allowing them to do it, and Megatron extracts Kicker's name from him. Scorponok reports that a Command Jaguar Terrorcon has been captured by the Autobots and transferred to Lunar City. As the city was reduced to a ruin months ago, Megatron suspects the Autobots have found an energon motherlode, and prepares his troops to attack. Alpha Q contemplates the news of a human who can sense energon. As his faces struggle with one another, his calm face says that he wants to meet this boy. On the moon, Ironhide and Kicker are searching the ruins of Lunar City for energon, but Ironhide has his doubts. Prime and the Omnicons voice their trust in Kicker's abilities. Using a tethered Terrorcon, the search continues. Kicker suspects they're being watched. Suddenly, Kicker, Ironhide and Signal Flare come across Demolishor, who says he's deserted Megatron. As proof, he tells them to follow. When Ironhide has doubts, Demolishor says that he stole the Decepticon mobile fortress, and will be finished if Megatron finds out. Before they go any further, a horde of Terrorcons storms toward the group and surrounds them. Ironhide reports to Prime that he's engaged the enemy, and he thinks they're after Kicker. Megatron attacks Optimus Prime, who sends his copter drone to help out Ironhide, and calls for backup from Ocean City on Earth. Kicker's worried parents watch the Autobots depart. Watching from nearby, Rodimus tells Prowl and Landmine that it's not their place to interfere in the battle. Elsewhere, Kicker agrees to head off with Demolishor and the Terrorcons; Demolishor threatens force when Ironhide tries to suggest otherwise. His parents observe the unarmed Kicker walking off among the Terrorcons and continue to worry; Rodimus also watches, planning to keep an eye on the situation. Kicker and company arrive at the Decepticon mobile fortress. Within, Scorponok watches. Alpha Q laments Demolishor's betrayal, and tells Scorponok to keep Megatron away from Kicker, and to destroy them all when they arrive. Suddenly the fortress begins to rise into the air, to Demolishor's surprise. The blast knocks him aside. When Ironhide runs to help him, he refuses, telling Ironhide that he came here to trick him. The fortress approaches Megatron's battle site and opens fire on the Autobots, though it also blasts Megatron. Meanwhile, Kicker and Ironhide observe some seismic upheavals in the moon's surface; Ironhide is worried, but Kicker tells him everything is fine, and that "they're on their way." A huge construct breaks through the ground, and a horde of Omnicons storms forth -- the city's inhabitants survived! Prime radios Dr. Jones to send up the energon tower, as they have a foundation. With a lot of grunting, the Signal Flares prepare the way. Megatron orders his troops to destroy the tower, and Prime works to counter it. The tower lands and is energized; the pulsewaves drive off the Decepticons. Kicker tells his Terrorcon captors that they'd best split while the splitting is good, but one of them suddenly channels the voice of Alpha Q. Alpha Q explains that he plans to rule the universe, but needs lots of energon to do it, and tells Kicker to stay out of his way. Kicker demands to know more, but the energy blast from the tower arrives and destroys the Terrorcons. Prime's copter drone retrieves him. Aboard the airborne fortress, Scorponok looks down on the moon and bids Megatron farewell, only to find himself at the point of Megatron's sword. Demolishor emerges from the dirt, to find Ironhide demanding to know whose side he's on. Demolishor says he's a Decepticon serving Megatron, and is evacuated by Cyclonus. They nearly grab Kicker while escaping, until fire from an unseen group drives them off. Kicker wonders who saved him. Nearby, Rodimus quietly says that he'll find out in due time. Cyclonus says he's damaged and needs repairs, so Megatron reformats him into a new body. Megatron is faintly glad that Scorponok failed to destroy the Autobots, leaving Prime for him. Dr. Jones rejoices over the completion of the new tower, till Sally tells him to calm down. Kicker and Misha reflect on the battle's outcome. Kicker says it's almost like he's got a guardian angel. Misha wonders if it's Alpha Q, but Kicker doubts it. They both lament the endless fighting, but Misha says that one day they'll understand everything about the universe.


In the episodeEdit


English dub changesEdit


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Lost in translationEdit

  • The essence of the opening conversation among the Decepticons is unchanged in the dub; however, it's not nearly as disjointed in the original.
  • Kicker's It's a good thing they have no idea I know exactly what I'm doing! thought is originally a more modest reflection that he doesn't quite understand the sensations he's picking up either.
  • When Rodimus refuses to jump in and help Optimus on the moon, he merely thinks an explanation. Superlink features him saying it out loud, with mouth animation. He also further explains that there's nothing they could do that Optimus couldn't, with some implication that Rodimus feels himself lost in Prime's shadow.
  • Demolishor explicitly asks Kicker to come with him, rather than Kicker randomly figuring out that the trap was for him. As they start off, Kicker's original comment is that Demolishor should have just stated his business clearly right from the start.
  • Alpha Q doesn't express a desire to rule the universe; instead he calmly states that the energon is his only hope for reviving his world, and he rather gently requests that Kicker not interfere.
  • Scorponok doesn't say "farewell Megatron", which would be a pretty bad thing to be caught saying; instead he merely wonders if "this is the end". Megatron later implies that of course Scorponok didn't mean to target him along with the Autobots, another bit of interplay lost in the dub.
  • Superlink Ironhide rather calmly and sadly lets Demolishor go, regretfully wishing he'd rejoin the Autobots. In the dub, the scene is played more for anger at Demolishor's betrayal.
  • Misha and Kicker's final conversation in Superlink has more to do with discussing how the Omnicons survived (because the tunnels were so vast, and by detecting Prime's emergency transmission to Earth), and with the sadness of Alpha Q's words. Misha concludes that one day they'll understand Alpha Q's enigmatic words about energon being his only hope; the dub bizarrely mutates this into her saying "don't worry; I believe that one day we'll understand the whole universe!"

Pain countEdit

  • "Uh?": 16
  • Stock footage: 3
  • We need/they want energon: 3
  • It's time to: 1
  • Let's do it: 1
  • "Gimme a break": 4

Animation and/or technical glitchesEdit

Continuity errorsEdit

  • Just how Demolishor was planning to trick Alpha Q isn't clear at all, in the dub or the original.

Other NotesEdit

  • This is indeed the first appearance of Alpha Q's fourth "calm" face.









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