Kick-Off spent nearly a full vorn inside a Decepticon prison in Polyhex, where he was forced by his captors to fight his own teammates in brutal gladiatorial combat. Kick-Off did everything he could to survive...and everything he could to learn the inner workings of the Decepticons' security measures. After his rescue, he put this knowledge to good use as a member of the Autobots.

However, having been forced to injure his teammates has left Kick-Off a very bitter robot, who prefers to work alone. He also tends to get too worked up when it comes to enacting revenge on his former captors for his own good. Still, his skills are unquestionable, both in planning raids against Decepticon strongholds and on the battlefield, where he can kick skidplate with ranged weapons or his own fists and feet.

French name (Canada): Dèmarreur


IDW comics continuity

SpotlightArcee Kick-Off

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Kick-Off was stationed on board the Autobot Orbital Command Hub. (You have to squint, but he's there.) Stormbringer, Part 1 He was also present on the Hub when Ku'arn returned Blaster to the Autobots. Spotlight: Blaster

Very soon thereafter, Kick-Off picked up a new duty assignment under the command of Fortress Maximus at the Garrus 9 penitentiary, overseeing security matters. He reported on the sudden Decepticon attack and was ordered by Maximus to activate the autoguns and mobilize their security teams. Spotlight: Arcee


Generation One

  • Kick-Off with Turbo-Pack (Action Master, 1990)
    • Accessories: Turbo-Pack, Sonic Blaster
G1Kick-Off toy

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As an Action Master, Kick-Off is a non-transforming action figure, though his design shows evidence of a vehicle mode, possibly an off-road vehicle. He came with the Turbo-Pack accessory, which attaches to his back and features a spring-loaded, over-shoulder cannon. Any Action Master rifle can attach to the end of the barrel to extend the weapon. The Turbo-Pack can also convert to a hand-held "flamethrower" weapon.


Kick-off boxback


  • Kick-Off is notable for being the only new-character carded Action Master Autobot to come with an accessory rather than an "animal/robot" partner. Whether or not he was originally intended to have his wave-mate Snarl's partner, Tyrannitron, is unknown.
  • Kick-Off appears on the 1990 box-back art, miscolored in yellow, brown and blue, right next to a similarly miscolored Skyfall.

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