Kelly is a very unfortunate human from the Robots in Disguise continuity family.

Do you have any idea how much doing that Anime Waterfall Tear thing hurts your eyes?

Kelly was most likely born on a Friday the 13th underneath both a ladder and an open umbrella inside a house and possibly within close proximity of numerous black cats. To put it lightly, her luck is appalling. On the bright side, Kelly appears to be fabulously wealthy (or at least has great insurance policies). So while her many sports cars typically wind up destroyed during Transformer battles (into which she inadvertently steps all the time, no matter where on the globe she travels in order to get away from "the talking cars"), she can just buy a new one. Kelly's role in the show is a comic relief.

Kelly is also quite boy-crazy, always on the lookout for a good man. However, thanks to her bad luck, the only man to ever show any interest in her is Side Burn, who, unbeknownst to her, is actually macking on the red sports cars she drives.

Poor, poor Kelly.

"It's not happening, it's not happening, it's not happening, I'm going to sleep..."
―Kelly, after watching flying police cars and fire trucks, along with a swimming van.[["The Hunt for Black Pyramid"| [src]]]

Japanese name: Junko


Robots in Disguise cartoon

Voice actor: Philece Sampler (English), Chieko Higuchi (Japanese)


Kelly's first encounter with those strange, talking cars from another planet happened when her new sports utility vehicle, X-Brawn, came to life in response to a call from Optimus Prime. Not wanting to lug her into battle, X-Brawn apologized in advance and then launched her violently through his sunroof. Battle Protocol

During one of her many attempts to flee desperately from Transformers, Kelly was driving a truck that happened to be scanned by Megatron as the altmode template for Scourge. The Decepticons Kelly's human genetic code contributed to Scourge's personal "bio-signature," which would later allow him to pass himself off as human enough to briefly control Fortress Maximus. and through this she is somewhat the mother of Scourge as is both Megatron and Optimus Prime the Father of Scourge The Human Element

In another mishap, Kelly was idly reading in the park where Koji and some of his school friends were talking. Then out of the blue Scourge and another Desepticon ram in to kidnap him in order to find out how he managed to control Fortress Maximus. Kelly was forced to duck behind the bench she was reading on. Mistaken Identity

Other mishaps involved being tailed by Side Burn, like the time Movor was tailing him, leading to the destruction of a graveyard, some empty beach houses, a normal power plant, etc., and no one seemed to blame her, so she may be lucky after all. Attack from Outer Space

Other coincidental meetings involve her driving in a red jeep in the Sahara Desert. Side Burn immediately cheers up after he loses to a scavenger hunt with Wedge & the The Build Team. Then Scourge & the Decepticons show up running toward the Autobots. Kelly screams that her vacation was ruined again by driving off into the desert. A Friendly Competition

She can also come off no worse for the wear, despite being boiled like a lobster. Some aren't so lucky. It could be worse. Volcano

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Dreamwave Armada comic

In a random, out-of-continuity cameo, Kelly was nearly mowed down by the Street Action Mini-Con Team when they responded (against their will) to a Mini-Con recall signal.


  • Like all the girls in the Binaltech Asterisk line, the character of Junko Shiragami was inspired by an existing female human from a past Transformers series. Kelly was her inspiration, if you couldn't guess. Since Asterisk is a Japanese toyline, and Takara has stated that Car Robots (RiD's Japanese name) belongs to the G1 continuity, they could even be the same character.
  • Kelly's name was never once spoken during the series. Rather, it was only ever made known through a casting sheet released online at the time of the show's premiere.
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