Kayu Michikusa is a human character from the Kiss Players portion of the Generation One continuity family.

She likes socks.

Kayu Michikusa (三千種 粥, Michikusa Kayu) is a Kiss Player for the Earth Defense Command. She is partnered with the Ne-02 Autrooper and is a former member of Ne squad under Commander Amaou. She speaks with a distinctive quaver and has short, spiky black hair and scary eyes. She appears to be obsessed with socks.

Kayu is most likely deceased. Poor girl.


Kiss Players

In the battle for Optimus Prime's body, Kayu was the only Kiss Player in the vicinity who was not incapacitated by Marissa Faireborn's clothes-slicing knife skills. Fused with her Autrooper partner, she was able to briefly stun the resistance commando with a Kremzeek bullet in the back.


Don't you hate mornings like this?

When Marissa cut open Prime's trailer to reveal his corpse, however, Kayu's Autrooper went wild. Ejecting the naked, goop-covered and extremely surprised Kiss Player, it rushed to the fallen Autobot commander and initiated a ParasiTech fusion. What became of the Autrooper when Prime's half-fused body was reformatted immediately thereafter is unknown, though it probably became part of the new body and was replaced on the team by a different unit.

Kayu acted kindly toward the newly-recruited Atari Hitotonari, but appeared either unwilling or unable to interfere with Ringo's acts of cruel whimsy. This led Atari to shun her new friend, and when she finally worked up the courage to speak to Kayu again, she was informed that the girl had been transferred to a different squad. Atari later learned that Kayu had endured the same treatment from Ringo that Atari was now receiving.

Soon thereafter, an alarm in E.D.C. headquarters signaled an attack by a crazed Autrooper - Kayu's own Ne-02 unit, which appeared to be fused with the missing Kiss Player. Atari tried to call out to her friend, but Ringo and her Autrooper shot down the rogue mechanoid.

Kayu's exact fate is unknown, although Shao-Shao Li's previous experience indicates that the E.D.C. does not have a very pleasant retirement plan.


  • In Japanese, Kayu's name means "porridge".
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