Karzai Lorcha is an alien from the IDW portion of the Generation One continuity family.
KarzaiLorcha IDW Spotlight(scan)

"For the Horde!"

Karzai Lorcha, ruler of Zull, will offer salvation to criminals on the run... in exchange for their services.


IDW continuity

Swindle, on the run from the Decepticons, managed to negotiate with Karzai Lorcha for protection. However, he was still nervous that Ultra Magnus would manage to capture him. Lorcha dismissed his concerns, saying that Zull was a fortress. When Ultra Magnus did manage to break into Karzai Lorcha's base, Magnus ordered him to surrender Swindle. Lorcha refused, saying that Magnus would have to go through his men to do it. Magnus did just that. Once Swindle was in his custody, the Autobot peacekeeper gave Karzai Lorcha fair warning: If Lorcha harbored any other wanted Transformers, Magnus would bring down the walls of Zull. Spotlight: Ultra Magnus

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