The Karin Islands are an island chain from the Super-God Masterforce portion of the Generation One continuity family.
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Fictional geography. There'll be a fictional quiz later.

The Karin Islands are a group of islands in southeast Asia. Some, but not all, of the islands make up the Republic of Karin, and they are home to the Autobot Headmaster Junior Cab, who is the hereditary prince of the Republic and will one day be its king.

Named islands

Karin Island

The main island in the grouping, which gives its name to the chain. It is the seat of government ot the Republic of Karin, and home to Cab, his guardian Donq and his friend Copo. It is mostly jungle, and inhabited by all manner of wild animals, including a parrot and armadillo that Cab has taken as his pets.

Isle of the Gods

Isle of the gods mf

"I'm a King!"

A small desolate rocky island, access to which is forbidden to anyone but the royal family. Of course, this didn't stop the Decepticons from using it as a staging ground when they attacked the islands to capture natives for their Destroid experiments. Their plans were foiled, and the natives rescued, but the Autobotsm, with the help of Cab, who joined their cause. Terror! The Decepticons' Manhunt

Oddly, the Isle of the Gods is studded with Moai, the famous statues seen on Easter Island, despite Easter Island being almost half a world away from the Isle of the Gods.

Viscas Island

Viscas island

The power plant is located at the northernmost point of Viscas Island. Postcards are available in the lobby.

Viscas Island is not part of the Republic of Karin,

Because of the large bay formed by the three main islands, the Karin Islands were chosen as the site for development of the world's largest tidal power plant, stretching across the bay's mouth. The generator itself was located on Vicas Island, the southernmost island in the chain, and supplied electricity to southeast Asia (including the rest of the Karin Islands, which had gone without it up until this point).

Of course, if you build the world's largest energy-generating anything, you're invariably going to catch the attention of the Decepticons, and Viscas Island's power plant was no different. The plant was chosen as a target by Mega, as a means of disrupting power to Asia before a campaign of conquest, and the Decepticons attacked it with gusto, only to be driven off by the Autobots. A Fierce Battle!! The Autobots are in Trouble

It is apparent that Viscas Island is not part of the Republic of Karin, given its large western-style city, and the fact that the workers at the power plant were (without wanting to put too fine a point on it) white.


  • The Karin Islands are located in the southern Philippines, roughly in the position of the Visayan Islands in the real world. In Super-God Masterforce, the southern Philippines are rearranged into three larger islands instead of dozens of small ones.
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