Kari won't save Goldbug because she's not a warrior, apparently unlike the four shut-in lab scientists she works with.

Kari is a Nebulan in the Generation One continuity family.

Kari works for the renowned Nebulan scientist Hi-Q in a secluded industrial complex on the planet Nebulos. She is often seen manning various communications consoles within the complex. Kari is timid, withdrawn, and always polite, but somewhat passive-aggressive.



What I'm trying to say is you should leave me the hell alone.

Marvel Comics continuity

People Power! Kari is one of four scientists that were aiding Hi-Q in his attempt to poison Nebulos' food supply in a way that would only counteract the Decepticon Powermasters which threatened their world. Their research was interrupted by the arrival of four Autobots who wished to use their lab to rebuild their leader, Optimus Prime. Though the Autobots were unwanted, they were left to their own devices, as the Nebulans knew that if the robots stayed too long, they would have to re-energize using Nebulos' contaminated fuel supply and die.

Eventually, Hi-Q realized that not only were the Autobots living beings who demanded his equal treatment, but they were Nebulos' last hope against the Decepticon Powermasters. Though he, Hotwire, Lube, and Rev underwent the Powermaster process to save the Autobots from shutdown, Kari declined saving the fourth Autobot, Goldbug. She was not a warrior by nature.

The Autobots were successful in repelling the Decepticons. Kari immediately noted that not only were the Autobots no longer welcome on peaceful Nebulos, but also that her workmates were now forever linked to their fates. The Autobots and their new Powermaster partners left Nebulos, finally leaving Kari completely alone.

Nebulan guys always leave Nebulan girls crying.

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