Joy Meadows is a human friend of the Dinobots in the Generation 1 continuity family.

Thousands of Fangirls would disagree.


Marvel Comics UK continuity

In one of the weirdest events in transformers history, Sludge, during the brief period he thought he was an actual dinosaur, got attached to Joy. So latter, when the Decepticons decided they wanted her, her lumbering Lancelot dragged the other Dinobots off to save her. She was reasonably flummoxed by the idea of a big sauropod being smitten with her, although Grimlock and Swoop enjoyed several wise cracking opportunites. She made such a good impression on them that when Megatron showed up looking for her, Grimlock announced he was going to kick Megatron's head in, and the girl was gonna stay with them. With some help from Centurion, the Dinobots protected her. Sadly nothing could protect her from the horror of a smitten saurian.

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