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   Appears: Generation One and Unicron Trilogy beginning in 2002
Kaon is a city-state on Cybertron in the Generation One continuity family, and the Unicron Trilogy

Kaon is a Decepticon-controlled city-state in the southern hemisphere of Cybertron.


Dreamwave continuityEdit

Far from the civilized metropolitan titans of the north half of the planet, Kaon was inhabited by a radical citizenry unsatisfied with the Autobot High Council and its maintained status quo. It was here that the industrial creations, the smelting pools, were first used to melt down living beings, a practice other city-states found horrible and barbaric. Disaffected, unruly, and thirsty for slaughter, Kaon was an obvious location for the fomenting of Megatron's underground Decepticon movement.

Its capital is the fortress city of Kolkular.

IDW continuityEdit

Kaon was known to be one of the worst places on Cybertron. Thus, Sentinel Prime was operating out there when Megatron and his fellow miners fled there. One of Kaon's notable features were a series of underground gladiatorial combats run by Clench. After Megatron killed Clench, he took over the games as a method of recruiting gladiators into the Decepticon army. After being freed by Starscream and Soundwave, the Decepticons launched an attack on Kaon, and took control of the city, using it as their base to direct the campaign against the Autobots. Megatron Origin

Fun Publications ContinuityEdit

There are some smartnukes stored there. Over-Run sent one after one of Ramjet's Mini-Cons after Ramjet's defeat. Which Mini-Con is unknown, but we know it was a direct hit. Revelations Part 2



War for CybertronEdit

Optimus, Bumblebee, Sideswipe and other Autobots are captured by the Decepticons and brought to Kaon Prison. This is a part of Optimus' plan to free Zeta Prime. The Autobots escape with some help and cross the whole prison to free Zeta. They find him, but must fight Soundwave first, who has control over the whole prison as its warden and is guarding Zeta. When Soundwave escapes, it's already too late, as he kills Zeta by absorbing some of his life force to refuel his own strength.

When compared to the Autobot's Iacon, Kaon appears to have received very little damage from the war.



Generation OneEdit


A fungus among us.

  • Primus (2006)
Kolkular is one of two distinguishable cities molded into the surface of Primus' planet mode, designed specifically to match its appearance in Dreamwave's The War Within comics and DK's Transformers: The Ultimate Guide. In Primus' robot mode, Kolkular ends up on the underside of Primus' heel, which is probably symbolic. The city actually has limited articulation all of its own, being able to "pop up" when in planet mode to better represent Kolkular.
The other city is the Autobot city-state Iacon, which, similar to the depiction on the Cybertron map in the Ultimate Guide, is placed on the opposite end of the toy from Kolkular. Its placement, however, is likely a coincidence.


  • Cybertron Primus (Supreme, 2006)
Yep, it was still there when the toy was released months later in the Cybertron toyline.


  • Kolkular was first non-canonically mentioned in the short story Alignment. The Decepticon homeworld of New Cybertron included a complete re-creation of the domed fortress.
  • According to his bio, the Decepticon Lugnut from Transformers: Animated was called "The Kaon Krusher" and learned dirty fighting in the "Great Arena", clearly references to the city.
  • The Decepticons torture thier prisoners, probably so they can gain information.
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