The Kamchatka Peninsula is a region in east Russia, known for its volcanic activity.

Transformers: Prime

"Operation: Breakdown"

MECH used an energon signal to lure Bulkhead and Breakdown to the deserted Kamchatka Peninsula, long since abandoned by humans following a volcanic eruption there twenty years prior. The two enemies fought in a ghost town until Breakdown prevailed and was set upon by Silas's men. They took him to a nearby abandoned rail tunnel where they had set up a makeshift base and set about dismantling him. The Autobots turned up and began searching the town. In the courtyard of a large building, they found Breakdown's right eye, which turned out to be the lure for a MECH bomb. Bulkhead, meanwhile, located the MECH base in the tunnel and busted Breakdown out. A battle ensued between MECH and the two Transformers, which ended when Starscream arrived to chase the humans off, and then Prime's team arrived to do the same to the Decepticons

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