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While none of the Decepticon Dinoforce are particularly smart, Kakuryū (カクリュウ) is easily the dumbest member of the team. Stooge-like and innocent in nature, he's very much the "Curly" to commander Gōryū's "Moe"; taking blow after angry blow from his leader but handling it all in a care-free stride. Why Kakuryū is a Decepticon is anybody's guess. He likes to dance and play and has a soft spot for cute little flesh creatures, especially bugs, which he thinks are cuddly-wuddly adorable.

English-Malay dub name: Slog
Russian dub name: Пришибала ("Prishibala", Knock Out)


Victory cartoon

Voice actor: Masato Hirano (Japanese)

Even idiots get to look like badasses sometimes.

Kakuryū was quite often seen lagging behind the other members of the Dinoforce and reacted to most things in a very childlike manner. He showed a great fondness for insects, which made it even sadder when the Decepticons decided to use him as guinea pig for the captured Cybertonium-eating insects. The Brave Hero of the Universe - Star Saber, Sneak Attack! Dinoking, Attack! Leozack, Unite!! Multiforce, Move Out! Rescue Team, Infiltration... The Uranium Mine, Explosion!! The Energy Base, Clash!! Two Great Heroes, Attack the Shuttle Base!!, Tanker Hijack Operation, Move Out!! Breastforce Rescue Jean!!, A Fierce Battle!! The Asteroid, Assemble! The Warrior Combiner, Resurrection!? The Decepticon Fortress, Battle Up of Wrath!!, Crisis! Ambush in the Desert, Ginrai Dies!!, Fight!! Victory Leo, Ultimate Crisis!! Autobots, The Tide is Turned! The Ultimate Weapon, the Victory Unification, Jean - Defend the Campus!!, The Death-Bringing Space Insects!!, The Strongest! Victory Saber, The Terror of the Giant Tidal Waves, The Wrath of the Resurrected Giant Fortress!

At the end of the conflict with Deathsaurus, instead of working on a construction site with the other Dinoforce members, Kakuryū was playing with kids in a playground. Showdown! The Fortress vs the Victory Unification

Victory comic



  • Kakuryū (Dinoforce, 1989)
    • Japanese ID number: D-324
    • Accessories: Triceratops shell, shell back, "Tricera Gun", "Dino Blaster" Dinoking gun, Dinoking head
A redeco of the Pretender Monster Slog, Kakuryū transforms into a squat pincher monster. He can also form the upper torso (!!) to the team's combined mode Dinoking. He comes with a soft-plastic outer "shell", a triceratops, that he can fit into.
  • Dinoking (Multi-pack, 1989)
    • Japanese ID number: D-328
All six members of Dinoforce were available both in individual boxes, and in a complete six-piece gift set.


  • Kakuryū's name translates roughly as "Horned Dragon".
  • The Dinoforce shells are notable for developing a green patina on the painted-gold portions, as well as a slimy texture over their whole surface over time. What causes this is unknown, but ick. Even previously unopened samples will develop this nastiness. While some water and a little bit of hand soap should take care of the slime, there's not much to be done about the green discoloration.
  • The Victory anime depicted the Dinoforce members as carrying melee weapons, rather than the blasters the toys actually came with.

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