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KSI Boss is a KSI Prototype and the second largest of them all, and he is even taller then Galvatron. He was manufactured by KSI, originally intended as one of their military prototypes. But like the other prototypes, he was taken over by Galvatron and turned into a Decepticon.


Age of Extinction film

KSi boss

KSI Boss's first appearance. He can be seen standing behind Stinger.

KSI Boss is one of the deadliest prototypes in the film. He can be seen, but rarely. When Galvatron is infecting the prototypes, a KSI Boss prototype can be seen standing behind Stinger. When Hound fires at the prototypes from on top of a building, a KSI Boss can be seen fleeing from the incoming missiles.

Ksi boss exploding

A KSI Boss being killed by Hound's grenade

The most recognizable is when Hound chucks a grenade at a small building, two KSI Bosses can be seen flipping cars towards Bumblebee, until they are both destroyed by the explosion.

2 ksi bosses

Two KSI Boss's being smashed by Scorn

When The Dinobots charge downtown, two KSI Bosses can be seen firing at Scorn. However, Scorn ends up chomping one of them in half.

When Optimus arrives with the Dinobots, Grimlock breaths fire over a couple KSI Boss's from on top of a bridge, causing a flaming KSI Boss to fall off and crash below.

Later, when Optimus jumps off of Grimlock he chops one of them in half. As the Prototypes are fleeing, Slug can be seen trampling a KSI Boss.



  • KSI Boss is a white Prototype with similar weapons to Jolt. He has three electrical whips, a electric sword, and two large launchers/mortars attached to the back of his shoulders. He has four orange eyes, but no mouth. He has a complex and beefy white armor, and large shoulder blades.
  • KSI Boss is the second largest prototype, as he is taller then Galvatron, but not Two-Head.
  • KSI Boss was originally going to be the General/Leader of the Prototypes, but Galvatron was picked instead.