KO Burger is a fast food restaurant in Jasper, Nevada. It employs Jack Darby.


While Jack was working at the drive-in, some young men ordered two super combos with extra fries, costing $5.59. In the meantime, they mocked Jack for having a crappy job, the humor to which Jack mocked in return. The customers would have the last laugh, however, as they took the food without paying. Jack had to make up for the cost of the food out of his paycheck.

Arcee parked in the KO Burger parking lot to hide from two pursuing Vehicons. Jack, just having gotten off work, noticed the sleek motorcycle and felt it up while talking to it, eliciting the derision of surprise witnesses. Their conversation was short-lived, as the Vehicons finally located Arcee, prompting her to escape the scene... with Jack along for the ride. 

After quitting the Autobots, Jack turned up for work again, but while he was gazing up at the malfunctioning neon sign, Arcee attracted his attention. She managed to persuade him to neglect his job further and return to the Autobot base with her. 

Jack's negligence of his job led to his boss contacting June Darby, who grounded him from other activities. Jack turned up for work the next day, though after his shift, he had to cycle home extremely quickly, for some reason.  

Sierra paid Jack a visit at the drive-through to investigate why she never saw him outside of school. 

The beam from a Project Damocles satellite blasted the corner off the restaurant's sign. It was finally destroyed along with the rest of the town when the Decepticons blasted the area with an immense fusion cannon.  


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