K-9's alternate form, a German Shepherd, is befitting of his function as a guard. His canine senses keep him aware of his surroundings at all times. His doggie agility and strength give K-9 the edge against any intruding Predacons. If that fails, he can always try leaking lubricant on his opponents as a last-ditch effort—it might cause them to rust.

Italian name: Dingo[1]


Intimidation Game

Voice actor: Brian Dobson

The Tripredacus agent Flamewar was held prisoner and interrogated by a group of Autobots and Maximals which included K-9. However, the interrogation was a facade, and the entity appearing to be K-9 was in fact a disguised Max-B. Intimidation Game

IDW Beast Wars comics

K-9 was one of the protoforms jettisoned from the Axalon on prehistoric Earth. He was activated and put in chronal phase by Razorbeast at Magmatron's request, but was protected from Magmatron's Predacon shell-program by Razorbeast's viral code.

Soon after awakening, he joined up with Torca's militia along with Bantor, Noctorro, Stinkbomb and Armordillo. During their journey to meet up with Razorbeast, Torca got stuck in some mud, and K-9 and the others helped free him. After following Razorbeast's signal for days and picking up more Maximals along the way, K-9 and the rest rushed into battle against Magmatron's Predacons. The Maximals won that altercation and awaited rescue from Cybertron. The Gathering

The day he got back to Cybertron, he was killed by Shokaract. The Ascending issue 4


Beast Wars

  • K-9 (Deluxe, 1997)
K-9 transforms into a German Shepherd and features a missile launcher concealed in his tail, with the missiles storing in his robot abdomen. His beast-mode back also forms a riot shield. The missile launcher is also alternately referred to as a snare gun.
This toy is an extensive (if not complete) retooling of Wolfang. Almost all of his parts have been given new moulding, often becoming larger, making him somewhat more massive than his predecessor. The only part of his body not changed is his head sculpt. K-9 was then used as the basis for a second retooling into the Beast Wars II toy Max B.
Despite the cosmetic changes, K-9 essentially works exactly the same as Wolfang, with very little change to play value. He even retains the "mutant mask" gimmick (the mask was retooled, even if his head wasn't), even though by the time of his release, that feature had been dropped from new-mold toys. The only mechanical change is that his back shield's handle was simplified to make it easier to transform.


  • In the comic, K-9 gained his beast mode on ancient Earth...waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before the German Shepherd breed came into existence. (Though his beast mode's depiction in the comic is a fairly poor representation of a Shepherd, so make of that what you will.)

Is that you back there?

  • Trent Troop, who designed the Maximal Command Security Force, based the colors of one member (the one with the axe and shield) on K-9 (privately dubbing him "9K"). Whether any official material ever picks up on this remains to be seen.


  1. This name may have only been used on the cross-sell for the English/Spanish/Italian "video-pack" release of Airazor. However, a carded example of trilingual European English/Spanish/Italian K-9 has not been found at this time, so this is uncertain.

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